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How To Tell If You're Fancy In 19 GIFs

Iggy can't be the only one...right?

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1. First thing's first, you're the realest.

Bravo / Via

2. You drop things (and the whole world feels it).

Marvel / Via

3. You're in the Murda Bizness.

Showtime / Via

4. You can hold it down like you're giving lessons in physics

International Olympic Committee / Via

5. You drop it low and pick it up just like this:

6. You take all the liquor straight, never chase that.

7. You find yourself on a rooftop bringing 88 back.

8. You spill drinks everywhere, basically.

NBC / Via

Cup of Ace --> Cup of Goose --> Cup of Cris

9. Haters are everywhere.

10. You can't be shopping in no department.

11. You get your money on time.

Young Money / Via

12. You put paper over everything.

CBS / Via

13. Your name is always in bold.

Miramax Films / Via

14. You have a friend who always gets drunk on the minibar.

15. Chandelier Swingin'

DreamWorks / Via

16. You don't give a f***.

17. You're so fancy.

Warner Bros. / Via

18. But you already know.

Island / Via

19. You're in the fast lane...

From LA to Tokyo.

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