27 GIFs That Prove Lumpy Space Princess From “Adventure Time” Is All Of Us

Oh my glob!

1. You call up your friends to pregame:

2. Trying on all your clothes:

3. You get overexcited to see people you barely know, and also for jagerbombs:

4. This leads to pregame oversharing:

5. You text everyone you know on the way to the club:

6. Arguing because the DJ won’t play ‘Just Dance:’

7. When you see your crush:

8. Working up your self confidence in a safe space*:

*read: at the bar, with alcohol

9. You try to start a conversation but instead something super weird comes out:

10. Which of course leads to this:

12. Your angry-drunk self emerges:

CN / bite.ca

13. Dealing with basics:

14. Dance break for your favorite song:

15. Starting drama:

17. When your friends try to get you to act normal:

18. But you’ve entered the total nonsense phase:

19. You get put in “drunk time out:”

20. Which is when you realize pizza delivery stopped at 2 AM:

21. And run away to find food IMMEDIATELY:

22. The closest fridge becomes a casualty:

23. Someone wants to go to an afterparty:

24. The Meltdown:

25. Waking up the next morning:

26. And you check your drunk texts:

27. You’ll all laugh about it later… maybe.

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