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15 Thoughts Every Woman Has At The Gynecologist's Office

As told by The Mindy Project.

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1. Every magazine in this waiting room is about babies.

2. Here's hoping this isn't awful.

3. Don't give me the side eye for gaining a few pounds.

4. How is this question about working out related to my lady parts?

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5. Shit, when was my last period?

6. Hmm, relationship status. Does it count that I wish I had a monogomous partner?

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7. Yes, the gown opens in the front. Got it.

8. Oh, I'm THRILLED to have the med student join us for the exam.

9. I DID scooch down.

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10. That’s what you call “some pressure?”

11. OMG I have to fart.

12. I know the Pap smear is important and all but ARE YOU DONE YET?

13. I feel violated and now I have to go to work.

14. I'm outta here. After I stop at the billing desk.

15. Thank god I only have to do this once a year.

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