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    Posted on Apr 25, 2016

    Pollination, Pollinators, And Prairies: A Quiz

    Test your knowledge here.

    1. What is a pollinator?

    2. Which of the following is NOT a pollinator?


      Humans, as they exist today, are not generally pollinators. The success of the human population does rely heavily on the health of pollinators and the ecosystems they inhabit.

    3. Bats are important pollinators! What about them helps with pollination?


      Many bats ingest the nectar of flowers. In doing so, their fur picks up lots of pollen. Bats are able to fly long distances and as the pollen falls off their fur, a wider range of plants can be pollinated.

      Jemison, M. (2014, June 18). Not just the birds and bees- 6 fast facts about pollinating bats. [Web log comment]. Retrieved from

    4. What kind of flowers do butterflies most like?


      According to the US Forest Service, butterflies prefer flowers with a wide area for landing on and bright colors.

      US Forest Service (n.d). Butterfly Pollination<\i>. Retrieved from

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