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10 Tips To Have A Successful Marriage

Oluwaseun Oyeniran; Theola Maxon; Susana Sosa; Emilie Emberton; Alexis Shaw; Araceli Medrano

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1. Stay Faithful

Sometimes it's hard to realize you lost your sexual freedom once you got married but remember the reasons why you became committed to your partner in the first place. How would you feel if your partner was unfaithful to you?

2. Watch How You Say Things

You can say something in a million different ways but the way you say things can affect your partner. Sarcasm and not taking your partner seriously can really hurt a relationship when your partner is serious about what they are saying to you.

3. Self Disclosure

Do not be afraid to openly discuss how you feel with your partner. It can help you guys feel more comfortable and closer to each other. Be honest about yourself and learn more about your partner as well.

6. Conflict Management

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Do not force your opinion on your partner. Be open minded and hear what they have to say. Strong conflict management can strengthen your bond and it is another way to improve your communication skills.

7. Find a Balance

Figure out what works best for each partner! Be sure to do as much as you can so that your partner will have no problem doing things for you and come to a mutual agreement so that you guys do not feel overwhelmed.

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