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10 Things To Stop Doing If You Don't Want To Ruin Your Marriage

10 things that can ruin your marriage & why you should stop doing them. By: Leah Clayborn, Manuel Oliver, Aura Perez, Madison Arbuthnot, Mckenzie Martin & Mackenzie Stahl

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1. Cheating

If you have agreed to have a completely monogamous relationship, sleeping with other people is out of the question.

Cheating is not limited to sex; have a discussion with your partner about what you both believe constitutes emotional and physical infidelity in your relationship.

2. Bottling Up Emotions

Neglecting to discuss issues as they arise is likely to cause tension and bigger arguments.

This can also lead to built up resentment towards your partner when issues aren't discussed & resolved.

3. Unequal division of household labor

Talk to your partner about who wants to do what tasks and how you might alternate these tasks.

Don't expect your partner to carry all the weight.

4. Arguing About Finances

Talk to your partner about budgeting.

If you make more money than your partner, don't expect for this to give you more power in the relationship.

5. Lying

Don't lie to your partner about things you wouldn't want them to lie to you about!

Honesty is the best policy - unless you're only telling the truth to make yourself feel better.

6. Refusing Self-Disclosure

Your partner can't read your mind!

Be open with your partner about your own thoughts, feelings, wants, needs etc. as well as theirs!

7. Criticizing Your Partner

Don't be mean or disrespectful!

Criticism is just a bad way of making a request.

You can agree to disagree, but respecting your partners opinions is crucial for a successful marriage/relationship.

8. Contempt

Don't cultivate negativity in your relationship. This can include, but isn't limited to: subtle, or not subtle, jokes, put downs, mocking etc.

If you find that you are having negative thoughts about your partner, try thinking of all the things/reasons as to why you wanted this relationship in the first place.

9. Being Defensive

Make sure you are actively listening to your partner in an argument instead of automatically thinking of ways to defend yourself.

Take responsibility for your actions, and learn to accept and ADMIT when you are wrong!

10. Stonewalling


Refusing to communicate with your partner is essentially the recipe for disaster aka, divorce.

Effective communication is all about what you say and HOW you say it! Conflict resolution includes defining the problem, mutually respecting each persons opinion, agreeing to cooperate, and agreeing to make decisions together as a couple.

Do these things & prevent divorce, or a messy break up in the case of cohabitation.

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