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    20 Items You Need If Your 2019 Resolution Is To Cook Healthier

    This is the year you finally stick to your New Year's resolution — I can feel it!

    Is this the year you've decided to get eat healthier? Same! I believe in us — we can stick to our goal this year with the help of the right resources (and the willpower of Michelle Obama).

    1. A spiralizer that will transform a typically carb-filled dinner into a veggie-filled one with just the turn of a handle.

    2. A colorful measuring cup and spoon set, so you can add the correctly portioned amount of oats into your overnight oats (aka your new-and-improved breakfast).

    3. An oil-less fryer that's all the rage right now, perfect for anyone with limited time who wants to cook healthier meals faster.

    4. A 30-piece set of nonstick pots and pans, because every chef deserves the encouragement that comes along with fancy new cookware.

    5. A handy leaf-shaped gadget that is so efficient in stripping leaves from their stems it'll make you say "oh, kale no!" because it just works THAT well.

    6. A NutriBullet, so even if your resolution feels slightly overambitious you can at least prepare fresh smoothies in the morning.

    7. And a book filled with smoothie recipes, to give you some inspiration for those morning blends.

    8. A 13-piece super slicer that will change the way you meal-prep forever.

    9. A mini herb saver, because it's about ~thyme~ we all grow our own seasonings.

    10. A Cuisinart Griddler, on which even a wannabe healthy chef like yourself can make delicious grilled chicken without having to purchase it pre-made.

    11. A handheld grater to shred potatoes or zucchini for more veggie-filled (but still delicious) recipes.

    12. An electric tea kettle so you can whip up a serving of green tea so fast even Queen Elizabeth II would approve.

    13. Or an apple corer to assist you in flawlessly dividing your fruit into eight pieces without utilizing ANY knife skills if you're hesitant.

    14. A nonstick muffin pan, so you can meal-prep a variety of yummy mini-quiches (or whatever mini things your heart desires)!

    15. A 4-in-1 chopper that can slice, dice, and chop with just one motion — essential for anyone who's tired of cleaning cutting boards after meal-prepping.

    16. A 24-piece set of storage containers that will guarantee you'll have more than enough ways to save the leftovers of the fantastic meals you'll be making.

    17. A vibrant set of silicone utensils, so you can ~stir-up~ some fun in the kitchen in 2019.

    18. An avocado slicer and pitter that will help you quickly prep guac or add slices of 'cado to your salad faster than you can say "Holy guacamole!"

    19. A two-piece strainer set, so you can rinse off a delicious bundle of grapes or some strawberries for a snack without any hassle.

    20. And a Crock-Pot that will literally do all the cooking for you. You're welcome.

    You, making healthy choices all throughout 2019 (or at least in January).

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