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    33 Things That Will Make Your Bathroom More Organized Than Ever

    ✨Marie Kondo would definitely say these products spark joy.✨

    'Tis the season to get organized — which includes getting our bathrooms in order. Are you ready to upgrade the most underrated room in your home?

    1. A shower curtain with pockets, because just like your favorite dress, everything is better with pockets!

    2. A three-shelf organizer that conveniently fits over your toilet, so you'll have a lovely place to put your candles and tissue box.

    3. Or a three-piece bathroom organizer kit, because if you're gonna start cleaning up you might as well cover all of your bases.

    4. A styling tool organizer to hang over your cabinet door, perfect to grab your blow dryer without fumbling with tangled wires.

    5. A gorgeous bench made of bamboo that will make you feel like you're staying in a boutique hotel instead of in your own bathroom.

    6. A face wipe dispenser, so you can kiss that crinkly package of likely dried-out wipes GOOD BYE.

    7. A two-tier expandable shelf rack that you can place under your sink to keep your various bottles of soaps and shampoos in order.

    8. A rotating makeup organizer, a must-have if your counter is already overflowing with lipsticks, brushes, lotions, etc.

    9. An expandable over-the-showerhead caddy that will keep that fancy new shampoo you just splurged on at arm's length.

    10. A freestanding ladder, so instead of hanging your towels on the back of your bathroom door you can display them in a manner that would make Queer Eye's Bobby Berk proud.

    11. A sliding basket organizer that will give you easy access to all of your favorite products and eliminate bathroom clutter.

    12. A tic-tac-toe toilet paper organizer, ideal for bringing a rustic but quirky aesthetic to your bathroom.

    13. A slide-out storage tower that will give you a discreet place to hide your ~personal~ toiletries.

    14. A trio of acrylic containers so pretty they'd give the Parent Trap's Annie James a valid reason to claim "I have class and you don't."

    15. A shelf for above your outlet that will free up counter space while you charge your toothbrush or razor.

    16. A metal storage cart so gorgeous I wouldn't be surprised if the Queen of England had a similar one in her ~throne room.~

    17. A mesh net that will store all of your kiddo's favorite bath toys — rubber ducky, you are THE ONE that needs be put away after playtime.

    18. A basic cabinet with shelves, perfect for anyone who has a pretty pedestal sink but is lacking in storage options.

    19. A handmade shelf to add a touch of whimsy to your bathroom walls while providing a whole slew of extra storage.

    20. A set of seagrass storage baskets that you'd likely find in the bathroom of the Little Mermaid herself. (Ariel, we see you, girl.)

    21. A storage chest with openings to hold your blow dryer, brush, and makeup that must be what Hall & Oates were referring to when they sang, "You make my dreams come true."

    22. A towel rack so beautiful, it looks like it belongs in a museum instead of your bathroom.

    23. A cute ceramic cylinder with a sweet message in rose gold to organize your makeup brushes and start your morning off with a sparkle.

    24. A metal storage caddy that will blend right into the background just like your favorite concealer does into your skin — the same concealer you can store in this minimalist product.

    25. A three-tier organizer you can easily place in a cabinet under your sink or on top of your bathroom counter.

    26. A quirky toilet paper holder, so you'll never have to feel ~sheepish~ about asking someone to bring you a roll when you're on the bowl and realize you're out.

    27. A set of labeled dispensers that will make your bathroom like organized at all times no matter how many different shampoos you own.

    28. A futuristic toothbrush holder, designed to dry your brush naturally (no wet bacteria!) and keep it safe without taking up space.

    29. A soap holder made of real pine that's so lovely it would even impress Ron Swanson.

    30. A cactus-print hamper/laundry bag, so you can finally have a place to dump your dirty clothes that doesn't ~succ~.

    31. Or a more traditional hamper that will do the job, but possibly compliment your current decor better.

    32. A personalized mini bath tub to store your bath bombs and encourage you take a breath and relaaaax.

    33. And a simple storage box that says "nice butt," because it's what we're all hoping our toilet thinks when we sit down, right?

    Me, knowing that all of you are about to have beautifully organized bathrooms:

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