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    31 Things On Sale Right Now That Might Keep You Busy For A Bit

    So you can finally stop saying "I'm bored" to anyone who'll listen.

    1. A JBL Portable Waterproof Speaker Flip 5 so you can have a dance party in your backyard or in your shower — anything goes!

    2. A Disney Thomas Kinkade coloring book that'll let you bring magical scenes featuring your favorite characters to life.

    3. A fancy fire pit table where you can host a surprise date night for your partner or a cozy catch-up sesh with your roommate.

    4. A VIZIO P-Series Quantum X Smart TV, because you've probably been debating upgrading from your decade-old television for a while now and you *might as well* now that you'll be home watching it more than ever.

    5. A professional Ninja Blender so you can *finally* whip up all the smoothies and soup recipes you've been bookmarking on Pinterest for years.

    6. A disposable camera featuring a fun print on it to encourage you and your roomies to take "retro" selfies, then use them to decorate your house — s'cute.

    7. A hammock for your backyard that'll give you a place to catch some rays, take a mid-day nap, or read a book while pretending you're actually laying on a tropical island.

    8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36s so you can get your daily run in without a worn-out set of sneakers holding you back.

    9. Disney Princess face masks to channel your inner-Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, or Aurora while also hydrating your skin.

    10. A greenhouse that'll let you flex your green thumb and grow *all* the flowers you want without your partner feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of plants piling up in your home.

    11. A Harry Potter light painting wand you can use to light up the night *and* practice your wizardry. Remember it's leviOsa not levioSA.

    12. A smokeless indoor grill for when you're in the mood to cook up something special for your family but it's cold or rainy outside.

    13. A Fidget Cube that'll both help you focus and keep you entertained because you won't want to put it down!

    14. A download of The Sims 4 to help you happily bring back your childhood obsession with building your dream home and setting up (and destroying) relationships in a community of your own making. BEST👏GAME👏EVER👏.

    15. A basketball court for your bathroom (yes, really) that'll keep you entertained while you go about your *business*.

    16. An indoor fitness trampoline you can pair with some serious YouTube workouts or just bounce around on 'til your heart's content.

    17. An Ultimate Video Game Trivia set to put you and your friend's knowledge of video games to the test and determine once and for all who is a novice and who is a noob.

    18. A Toy Story chess set that'll combine your love for the classic game with your favorite Pixar flick.

    19. A two-player arcade basketball game complete with a scoreboard so you and your siblings can battle for greatness for hours and hours.

    20. A set of press-on nails to carefully apply to each of your fingers and leave you lookin' like you just walked out of the salon.

    21. A floral embroidery kit for beginners so you can learn a new skill while also creating something beautiful to hang on your wall or gift to a friend.

    22. A portable cycling machine that'll help you break a sweat even if you aren't comfortable with riding an *actual* bike or you can't get outdoors to work out.

    23. A Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette because you might as well use your spare time to experiment with makeup tutorials or show off your skills on Tik Tok.

    24. A pair of notebooks you can fill with all your hopes, dreams, lists, whatever you want!

    25. A DIY bath bomb kit that'll make you feel like a scientist even though all you're creating is the perfect at-home spa night.

    26. A Dungeons and Dragons starter kit in case you're looking for hours of entertainment and a mental vacation to a more mystical place.

    27. A tie-dye kit to help you transform your boring white tees into envious masterpieces.

    28. A 4-in-1 table game that'll let you switch between bowling, hockey, table tennis, and pool whenever you get bored.

    29. An exercise mat that'll *hopefully* motivate you to spend some time doing yoga, core exercises, or just laying on the floor instead of the couch for a bit. You do you!

    30. A Google Nest Mini you'll love because you can use it to listen to music (kitchen dance party!?), adjust the lights in your home, pause your TV, and ask silly questions.

    31. And a KitchenAid stand mixer so you can turn your kitchen into a makeshift bakery and make all the bread, cookies, and whipped coffee you want without a *very* sore arm.

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