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    41 Things New Parents Will Probably Want To Buy

    My apologies to your kid's college fund.

    1. An Echo Dot with Alexa built-in that you'll be able to use to play white noise to lull your little one into sleep then turn off the lights without moving/waking them up.

    2. An extra tall baby gate with an auto-close feature to ensure your curious crawler can't venture into unsafe spaces.

    3. A walker from Joovy that'll provide your tyke with a way to play, snack, and explore all-in-one.

    4. A jogging stroller, so you can take your little one with you on your morning run and feel like an actual super human in the process.

    5. Or a double jogging stroller in case you're lucky enough to have twins (!!!) but don't want to let them hinder your workout schedule.

    6. Gently weighted footie pajamas you'll pat yourself on the back for investing in once you see how it helps your fussy kiddo fall asleep peacefully.

    7. Or convertible activity table your little one will be able to use from the time they're 4 months to 5 years old. It comes with 6 toys that have light up buttons and musical effects any child would be enamored by.

    8. A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins that'll look so cute on your mini-me and will actually stay on their lil' feet. No more missing shoes!

    9. An InstantPot you'll be forever grateful for on those days (weeks? months?) when you feel like a zombie but still want to get dinner on the table. You can even make baby food in it!

    10. A sleek high chair with a removable swing-open tray you can also pop into the dishwasher for cleaning after you let your tyke try spaghetti for the first time (AKA, the messiest day of both your lives).

    11. A beautiful convertible crib that'll grow with your child through their teen years (yes, seriously!). It starts as a crib and can be adapted into a toddler bed and then a full-size bed — what an investment!

    12. An interactive play center from Skip Hop featuring a 360-degree rotating seat and a variety of toys to keep your kiddo entertained while you try to catch up on the latest season of The Real Housewives.

    13. A robot vacuum with over 4.8K five-star reviews you can rely on to clean up your disaster zone of a home while you adjust to being a parent. You're welcome.

    14. A portable play mat that'll double as storage for your tot's favorite toys — a must-have for any parents who are constantly on-the-go with their baby in tow.

    15. A convertible car seat from Graco that can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, making it the perfect seat to hold onto as your little one grows.

    16. A baby seat cover you can use as a a car seat canopy, to cover shopping cart seats, as a nursing cover, and more. It's stylish and will quickly become one of your go-to parenting products.

    17. Starry pajamas to provide parents with easy access to a catheter or feeding tube and baby with a snuggly cotton bodysuit to sleep in.

    18. A knit animal mobile that'll play a soothing melody and circle above your sleepy baby until they drift off to dreamland.

    19. A bottle sterilizer, steamer, and dryer to make sure your baby's most beloved possession — their bottle — is properly cleaned and ready to go at all times.

    20. A sound machine/night light for the parent who is desperate for some decent sleep sometime this decade — they need ALL the support they can get.

    21. A Fisher-Price rocker complete with calming vibrations to help comfort your little one — a must-have if your tyke is prone to absolutely freaking out the second you put them down.

    22. Or a high-tech baby swing featuring five unique motions and speeds as well as Bluetooth connectivity, so you can set your offspring up with the ultimate nap situation. Do they make this in adult sizes?

    23. Fancy fitted sheets for you little one's crib, so cute you might even get a little jealous of them.

    24. A convertible carrier, so you can take your baby with you on your errands while making sure your hands are free to check the expiration date on the milk you're debating buying.

    25. Or a sit 'n' stand tandem stroller in case this isn't your first rodeo and you already have a restless kiddo on your hand who'll likely need to be amused during your walks.

    26. A 72-page memory book for the ambitious parent who actually wants to make an attempt to take note of all their kiddo's milestones as they happen.

    27. A portable bassinet from Fisher-Price with a gentle rocking feature that'll make it possible for you to go on vacation or stay over at your parent's house without fear your tyke won't have a comfortable place to sleep.

    28. A bassinet made by Halo you'll love thanks to its 360-degree swiveling capabilities and soothing center complete with a nightlight, soothing sounds, three lullabies, and vibrations.

    29. A wooden name sign to display your baby's moniker proudly in their new nursery — so cute you'll want to gift it to every other parent in your life.

    30. A baby monitor camera with motion detection, a 360-degree viewing angle, and two-way audio that'll let you listen in on your little one to confirm whether they're crying or you're hearing things in your too-tired parent brain.

    31. Or an audio-only baby monitor with up to 1000 feet of range, a vibrating sound alert, a talk back intercom, and a night light to make sure you can keep tabs on your kiddo during nap time or throughout the night — and hopefully get some shut-eye yourself.

    32. A simple changing table that'll match any piece of furniture you've already purchased for your kiddo. Get ready to spend a lot of time standing in front of it dodging pee. Yay, parenting!

    33. And a changing pad and cover that are ~out of this world~ and'll help keep your kiddo comfortable while you change their diaper.

    34. Stretch mark oil over 1.5K moms swear by, making it a must-have for any soon-to-be mamas who want to diminish their baby belly stretch marks and encourage their S.O. to give them a much-needed massage.

    35. An OXO tub stopper that'll stop water from slowly draining out of your tub during your little one's bath time, so you'll have plenty of time to introduce them to Rubber Ducky and wash their hair.

    36. Or a Fisher-Price tub with a cozy padded seat back to make sure your baby's first bath isn't over-whaleming for either of you.

    37. A chic acrylic convertible crib for any new parents who want their baby's room to look like Chip and Joanna Gaines swooped in and said "let me take care of this for you."