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    36 Things For Your Living Room You'll Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    Your living room is about to give you LIFE.

    Do you spend 90% of your time hanging out in your living room like every group of friends on a sitcom?

    1. A faux-marble coffee table with a hidden storage option, so you'll have the perfect place to stash the candy you don't want to share with your roomie.

    2. A cube organizer, perfect for anyone who has a lot of odds and ends they'd like to display in their living room.

    3. A set of wall-mounted shelves to help remove clutter from your bookcase/dresser/floor and make your room look organized at the same time.

    4. An ottoman that doubles as a footstool, storage space, end table, and snack tray — it's what furniture dreams are made of, essentially.

    5. A fringe rug with a subtle pop of color, so you and your roomie or partner can end that ongoing fight about whether to get a neutral or vibrant rug.

    6. A pyramid pendant light made from a painted steel in an oil-rubbed bronze finish that will transform your living room in minutes.

    7. A driftwood-style TV stand with plenty of room to store your gaming consoles and extra decorative trinkets.

    8. A macrame swing that will amp up your already super-cool room's bohemian aesthetic.

    9. A set of squeal-worthy hedgehog bookends, so your bookcase will look orderly and resemble a magical woodland forest.

    10. A velvet accent armchair that will glam up even the most boring of rooms and make you feel bad and boujee in the process.

    11. A remote organizer made of natural wood, perfect for keeping your various remotes in check while looking chic.

    12. A chic glass tower shelving unit, so you can put your odds 'n' ends on display for all to see.

    13. Or a trendy ladder bookcase to ~elevate~ your collection of Nicholas Sparks novels — ahem, I mean noteworthy classic tomes.

    14. A chic marble diffuser that will blend seamlessly into your living room decor and also bring positive vibes (and scents) to the room.

    15. A couch that is VERY reasonably priced and sofa-king comfortable, you'll easily be able to spend hours rewatching Game of Thrones.

    16. A Homesick Candle, so your entire living room will smell of your favorite place in the world: home.

    17. A discreet storage shelf to keep your precious record player and vinyl safe and sound at all times.

    18. A roll of peel-and-stick floral wallpaper, in case you've been dying to transform your living room into a scene from literally any Wes Anderson film.

    19. A pair of blackout curtains, so you'll never have to worry about that annoying glare the sun projects onto the TV during a mid-day movie marathon.

    20. A leather recliner that can not only give you an identical massage to the one you get while getting a pedicure, but can also swivel 360 degrees!

    21. An antique-looking coffee table your friends will think you inherited from your grandparents.

    22. A professionally framed gallery wall, so everyone who visits your home will be convinced you have an ~eye for design~.

    23. A mirror that answers the question "Who's the fairest of them all?" Spoiler: The answer is this versatile piece of furniture.

    24. An agate wall clock to give your living room the pop of color it has been craving.

    25. A Persian-inspired rug, because you deserve to be surrounded by the finer things in life at all times.

    26. A lamp with a fringe shade that will make it look like you're hosting a Gatsby-era party every day of the week.

    27. A velvet throw pillow, so you can feel fun and fancy-free every time you flop down on your couch for a Netflix marathon.

    28. A chunky throw blanket that will keep you warm and make you feel like you're cuddling with a sheep on your couch.

    29. A rose gold scratch-off map that is both trendy and a great conversational piece for your living room.

    30. A set of twinkly string lights, so you can repurpose your next empty bottle of wine into a piece of living room decor Tinker Bell would be proud of.

    31. A magical reversible pillow with none other than Jeff Goldblum's face on it, for a living room decoration that's as smooth as his jazz album.

    32. A scented candle in a beautiful ceramic bowl that will make for a lovely accent piece on your coffee table.

    33. A customized portrait of your pet, because what could be a more paw-fect piece of art for your living room walls?

    34. A faux leather sofa you can convert into a bed, so you can have friends and family stay over for long weekends. Slumber party, anyone?!

    35. A set of customized marble coasters, so you can protect your beloved coffee table whenever you have guests over for Bachelor Mondays.

    36. And a set of metal planters you can hang on the wall that are so jaw-droppingly beautiful anyone who visits your home is sure to ~dig~ them.

    You and your squad, now that you've taken your living room to the next level:

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