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    35 Things Even The Biggest Disney Fan Probably Doesn't Own Yet

    I think we could all use a little extra Disney magic right now, don't ya' think?

    1. A personalized Disney Starbucks tumbler for anyone who can be found daydreaming about walking down Main Street USA with an iced coffee at any given moment.

    2. A Haunted Mansion-inspired sticker to add to the ever-growing collage on your laptop. Be careful! When you buy this one a ghost might just follow you home ;).

    3. Satin Toy Story pajamas that'll make sure you're perfectly on theme for the epic four-movie binge you've been planning for this weekend.

    4. A blouse from Her Universe with a cute tie at the bottom and Minnie Mouse ears galore, in case you've been looking for new ways to bring Disney into your day-to-day style.

    5. A glittery wineglass you'll be more than ready to break out when your kiddo asks you to watch Finding Nemo for the 10th time that day.

    6. An apron covered in Disney characters that seemingly become more colorful from top to bottom, a must-have for anyone who has been trying to mix up some *magic* in the kitchen but has been struggling without Tiana's cooking skills.

    7. Or a Mickey pretzel-shaped necklace in case you're not confident in your cooking skills but still want to embrace your love for snacks.

    8. A pullover featuring a beautifully illustrated map of Never Land that'll go nicely with the daydream you've been having about flying off to find fairies and mermaids.

    9. A Lilo and Stitch slow cooker you definitely didn't know you needed but will absolutely treasure for how much life it'll bring to your kitchen counter.

    10. A Disney Backstage Collection subscription box that'll send exclusive items right to your doorstep — nothing quite like magic on-demand, amiright?

    11. A pin board starring all of your favorite Disney locations, a must-have for anyone who has been well-versed in convincing others to trade them their most beloved pin since they first set foot in the Magic Kingdom as a kid.

    12. A Disney Parks ABC journal to provide you with a space to dream, create, and inspire — literally, it has sections designated for exactly that!

    13. 101 Dalmatians scrunchies that'll look pawfect on you whether you wear one on your wrist for show or use it to toss your hair up into a messy bun before taking your pup on a walk.

    14. Stunning ears you'll want in every style because they are stylish and have been designed to prevent any headband-induced headaches you may have experienced in the past.

    15. A New Mushroomton High School tee so you can pretend you'd actually make good on the personal vow you made to yourself that you'd totally befriend Ian Lightfoot if you were a student there.

    16. A beaded stretch bracelet complete with a tiny hidden Mickey bead to help incorporate your favorite mouse into your arm candy.

    17. A simple tee that'll make any Pixar fan giggle when they realize it's supposed to showcase what the beloved Toy Story Aliens would probs comment on every Insta post.

    18. Meeko and Flit Funko Pop figures doing what they do best, snacking. You'll want to add these to your collection ASAP — just look at them!

    19. An elegant breakfast tray for the lazy weekend mornings when you'd prefer your Mickey waffles to be served to you directly in bed while you watch virtual versions of the parade on a loop.

    20. A Disney Princess box crossbody that'll look so chic on you people will wonder if Fairy Godmother herself waved a wand and made it appear.

    21. An intricate Jungle Cruise-inspired painting you can hang on your wall for a daily reminder of the painful, yet hilarious, dad jokes that roll of the Skipper's tongues.

    22. A Baby Yoda "brew buddy" that'll attach onto any reusable straw and keep you company while you fill your body with *the force* (coffee, duh).

    23. A faux wrap dress with an all-over Nightmare Before Christmas dress anyone will agree was *simply meant to be* in your closet.

    24. A Cinderella Castle embroidery kit, because if you're going to be watching Disney movies for hours on end you might as well keep your hands busy at the same time.

    25. A reusable cloth face mask covered in adorable Disney Tsum Tsum characters that'll keep you smiling (even if no one else will be able to see).

    26. A Mickey and Minnie WetBrush to comb out any tangles you may have gotten while wildly dancing around to "Never Had a Friend Like Me" in the shower.

    27. An embroidered Orange Bird hat any true Disney fan will treasure because it's so darn hard to find truly adorable merch featuring this precious lil' guy!

    28. An *iconic* T-shirt complete with almost everything wonderful about the Disney Parks that'll help hold you over until your next visit.

    29. A nameplate featuring the recognizable Disney font for a ~magical~ twist on a classic accessory.

    30. Mulan-inspired leggings to bring honor to your loungewear — your ancestors will be so proud.

    31. Villainous, a must-have for all Disney fans who typically prefer the likes of Maleficent, Ursula, and Jafar. Hope you've got your evil laugh prepared.

    32. A "Mickey Monthly" subscription box to bring all of your favorite Disney Parks snacks (and other fun treats) into your home, so you can really indulge during your next Disney+ marathon.

    33. A colorful 14-quart cooler you can fill with bottle of blue milk before you head off to a galaxy far, far away (AKA your backyard).

    34. A mug to combine your love of Disney with your attempt at staying caffeinated at all times. Beware: your roomie will want to steal this mug from you.

    35. And a bewitching candle inspired by Madame Leota's crystal ball that'll *raise your spirits*.

    My partner, when I tell him I've just placed *another* order for Disney stuff:

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