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    32 Small Gifts Your Favorite Coworker Will Probably Really Appreciate

    If you worked at Dunder Mifflin, you'd totally get a Dundie for Best Gift Giver.

    1. A mini Mickey waffle maker that'll infuse your Disney-loving coworker's breakfast with magic.

    2. A set of tree spirits from Princess Mononoke they can keep at their desk for some much-needed company.

    3. A frame lined with a linen pad so your pin-obsessed work wife will have a new a place to display their ever-growing pin collection.

    4. And a punny pin you both can giggle about while you're, once again, talking trash during your lunch break.

    5. A pack of lil' cable chompers to protect their forever-tearing phone cord and provide them with that squealing I-want-to-squeeze-you-feeling.

    6. An assortment of 20 toys with a jelly-like texture they'll be so enamored by they won't want to do anything else but squish 'em forever.

    7. A Funko Pop of Dwight Schrute, because what kind of coworker would you be if you didn't gift your buddy their very own Assistant to the Regional Manager?

    8. Or a bar of soap infused with a crystal your work BFF will find so enchanting whether they use it to zen out in the shower or keep it on their desk for decor.

    9. A swing arm desk lamp that'll look like it was ~mint~ to be on their desk already and leave your other coworkers green with envy.

    10. A 5-piece desk organizer to make it look like they've got everything under control even when they're actually trying to sort through 50+ emails.

    11. Or a chic cell phone stand they can use to keep their favorite gadget out of the way and create more surface space on their desk.

    12. A pair of quirky socks for the coworker who you can always count on to give you a recap of what happened on The Bachelor last week.

    13. An inspirational flip calendar they'll look forward to changing each morning when they're in some desperate need of motivation.

    14. A Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool your coworker will really appreciate in the summer when they're trying to cover up the fact they were eaten alive at a family BBQ.

    15. Miyazaki socks featuring a variety of the films, so they'll never have to choose a favorite flick while accessorizing.

    16. Or a lil' ramen keychain for the coworker you can always rely on to take a 30 min break and grab lunch with you.

    17. A "pretty as a peach" manicure set they can keep in their handbag and use for nail emergencies whether they're in the office or out on the town.

    18. A teeny tiny Magic 8 Ball your indecisive coworker can use to make decisions on the spot without leaving their desk. Should you both take a coffee break and a walk? All signs point to yes.

    19. A stunning copy of Little Women designed by Rifle Paper Co., a must-have for your work wife who has been talking your ear off about the new trailer starring Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson.

    20. Darling tassel drop earrings your fave office companion can rock to the company holiday party this year.

    21. Or hypoallergenic earrings in case your buddy has sensitive ears but would still relish the opportunity to make a bold accessory statement.

    22. An adorable lil' dumpling light that'll have everyone in the office talking a-bao-t how they wish you'd get them from Secret Santa next year.

    23. A pack of colorful silicone straws you can share with your fellow environmentally conscious colleagues.

    24. A sloth-themed to-do list for your coworker who is forever procrastinating and still regularly rewatches that video of Kristen Bell crying on Ellen over her love for the slow-moving creatures.

    25. A Birthdate Candle featuring their actual day of birth, because who wouldn't love something customized JUST for them?

    26. A BlenderBottle that'll have your most athletic coworker grinning and giving you high fives for the rest of the month while they still, unsuccessfully, try to convince you to come to spin class.

    27. A set of socks, perfect for gifting to the blessed soul who has taken on the responsibility of ordering pizza for the entire office on Fridays.

    28. A Harry Potter–inspired pillow case that'll leave the token Potterhead in your office spellbound.

    29. Or a wooden puzzle ball brainteaser you can even gift to your boss to show them just how smart you think they are ;)

    30. A trendy sling bag your beloved coworker will love you for once they finally stop misplacing their keys and wallet on their way in and out of the office.

    31. A watering can the green thumb on your team will surely appreciate and have plenty of ele-fun with while they give life to all the plants in the office.

    32. And a mini waving inflatable tube man that'll make them want to throw their hands up in the air and yell "WOOHOO!" Your buddy is gonna LOVE it!

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