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    23 Things To Help You Throw The Perfect Movie Marathon Night

    *shuts out the outside world and hunkers down on the couch forever*

    Don't just throw a bag of popcorn into the microwave and turn on Netflix — you're better than that.

    1. A projector that will turn your living room into pretty much a movie theater.

    2. A set of twinkle lights so your guests feel like they're watching movies under the stars.

    3. A cozy cable knit throw pillow because movie marathons should not skimp on comfort.

    4. A hot oil popcorn machine that will fill your home with the smell of a successful movie night.

    5. And some popcorn serving boxes to make you and your friends feel like you're actually spending the night in the theater.

    6. A memory foam chair that is so comfortable you'll happily stay in your seat for every installment of Lord of the Rings.

    7. A 42-pack of tea to keep you warm, snuggly, and caffeinated while you watch To All The Boys I've Loved Before for the tenth time.

    8. An Amazon Fire Stick, so whether you want to watch Harry Potter or every season of Seinfeld, you have the option at your fingertips.

    9. A cozy blanket over 3,000 Amazon reviewers are obsessed with. If you're not using this during a movie marathon, I'm questioning your morals.

    10. A pair of fleece pajamas that have POCKETS. Need I say more?

    11. An inflatable mega movie screen so you can take your marathon outdoors.

    12. An insulated tumbler that will remind you to stay hydrated while you get lost in a good rom-com (or five).

    13. A binge-watch survival kit, so you'll never have to risk losing the prime spot on your couch.

    14. A Nachosaurus dip and snack dish set to perfectly accompany your next marathon of Jurassic Park.

    15. A pair of hand painted wine glasses, because what is movie night without a little vino?

    16. Warm knit socks to assure you don't have any cold feet while watching Father of the Bride (and the sequel).

    17. A set of color changing LED strip lights to create the exact movie night mood lighting you're craving.

    18. An oversized sweatshirt that you can wear with leggings for an ideal couch sitting outfit.

    19. A soothing candle that will create an A+ movie-watching vibe.

    20. A chalkboard cheese board that will help you impress your guests with a fancy snack display.

    21. A cute mug that will keep coffee, tea, or cocoa hot for hours of holiday movie binge-watching.

    22. A pair of slippers you can throw on to greet the delivery guy when you inevitably order food.

    23. And a Netflix gift card that specifically encourages you and your friends to spend some quality time at home watching movies.

    OK you're prepared! Now... what are you going to watch first?

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