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    22 Pieces Of Jewelry To Add A Personal Touch To Your Accessory Game

    Adding a personal touch to your jewelry has never seemed so appealing.

    1. A standard nameplate pendant you should totally buy yourself if you don't have one yet.

    2. Or a nameplate featuring the recognizable Disney font for a ~magical~ twist on a classic accessory

    3. A bar bracelet you can personalize with something meaningful, like the coordinates of the street your grew up on, your anniversary, or a quote you love.

    4. Or a similar necklace, in case you type all day at work or school and hate the way bracelets get in your way.

    5. Or a one-of-a-kind beaded bracelet featuring a moon from an impactful night in your life that'll help you fondly reflect.

    6. A delicate initial necklace, in case you're the kind of person who prefers simple jewelry you can wear every day.

    7. A monogram ring custom made with your initials, a perfect present to yourself if you just made the jump and took your S.O.'s last name.

    8. An acrylic initial bracelet available in a variety of exciting colors, sure to become your new fave accessory.

    9. A glamorous bangle you'll get tons of compliments on because you can have anything you want engraved on it.

    10. A personalized fingerprint necklace to help you pay tribute to someone special in your life on the daily.

    11. A birthstone bracelet that includes up to 10 stones, so you can include every important person in your life in one piece of jewelry.

    12. A engravable bar ring that you'll love so much you'll be convinced it fell from minimalist jewelry heaven.

    13. A badass ring featuring your birth year that you'll want to wear every day because it's just THAT cool.

    14. Tiny initial earrings to wear together on one, double-pierced ear or separately for an easy way to mix up your usual style.

    15. A bedazzled stackable ring you can use to subtly add a little shimmer 'n' shine to your daily baubles.

    16. A necklace for you and your BFFs to each splurge on as a way to commemorate your squad's unique friendship.

    17. A bracelet with a secret message in morse code only you'll know the meaning of, a must-have if you're into inspirational or silly accessories.

    18. A paw-print replica necklace to remind you of your furry BFF every time you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror.

    19. A typewriter key pendant, a must-have accessory for anyone passionate about literature or writing.

    20. A bracelet featuring the handwriting of the person you love most — could be S.O's, your grandma's, Dolly Parton's, whoever!

    21. A dainty necklace with a charm of your home state on it so you'll never have to worry about feeling homesick again.

    22. And a floral locket you can personalize with a photo of your ~one true love~.

    When you realize you want every last item in this post:

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