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    42 Little Gifts For Yourself That'll Make You Say "Happy Holidays To Me"

    Maybe today is the day I finally treat myself to a Wreck This Journal.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit for anyone crafty who would love nothing more than to *live like Jack and Sally*.

    the cross stitch set

    2. A pound of cereal marshmallows to make up for all the years some adult discouraged you from having three helpings of Lucky Charms.

    3. A layered lock necklace that'll make styling your jewels for the day a cinch — excellent for anyone who is forever running late.

    a model wearing the layered lock necklace

    4. A winged eyeliner stamp, in case you obsess over makeup tutorials but haven't been able to perfect liquid eyeliner just yet.

    5. A book of royal trivia, so instead of forcing your partner to listen as you rattle off random facts about Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis you can put your knowledge to the test.

    the pink cover of the royal trivia book

    6. A pack of Frozen 2 instant film, so the next time you and buddies take selfies it'll look like you took them in one of the themed photo booths that can be found around WDW.

    7. The Spells Deck, filled with cards of charms, remedies, and rituals for self-care you can shuffle through while humming "I Put a Spell On You" and likely frightening you parents.

    the spells deck

    8. Friends-themed Monopoly you can play on a Friday night for a stress-free evening that'll also let you relive memories of your favorite TV show.

    9. A modern-day retelling of Cinderella in the form of a young adult novel that'll take you through a romantic journey of "Cindy" making her way through a reality dating show. I honestly can't think of anything more fun to read!

    a stack of light blue books with a plus-size version of cinderella and prince charming on it

    10. A hydrating hair mask featuring coconut, aloe vera, and castor oil to help repair dry or damaged curls — an excellent "treat yo self" gift if you ask me.

    the jar of girl hair curl cloud above before and after images

    11. A classic T-shirt and shorts set to replace the ones you've been wearing since high school that likely have seen better days.

    a reviewer wearing the t-shirt and shorts set in black

    12. Lavender soap you'll pat yourself on the back for buying after the holiday chaos has settled and you find yourself with the time to take a loooooonng, luxurious shower filled with this soothing scent.

    two bars of lavender soap

    13. A rechargeable lighter that'll let you light every candle in your house to create the *perfect* ambience without concern you'll run out of lighter fluid.

    14. A Wreck This Journal to encourage yourself to get more in touch with your artistic side, great if you've been intimidated by trying to fill out the blank pages of boring old regular journals. This journal may not start out as a personalized item, but it'll certainly be one when you're done with it.

    15. A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker that's *almost* as adorable as the real lil' guy in The Mandalorian, great for anyone who wants to blast their favorite tunes all across the galaxy.

    A model holding the round speaker with ears in the palm of their hand

    16. A milk frother to pack a powerful, spinning punch despite looking rather delicate. It'll help transform your at-home coffee into one worthy of an actual spot on your 'gram (seriously, a fleeting IG story simply won't do it justice!).

    17. A celestial-styled makeup palette to help you ring in the new year with style — I mean, just look at those sparkly options!

    two different arms showcasing the different colors in the palette

    18. A carbonated bubble clay mask that starts to bubble once it's applied — get one for you and each of your roomies and prepare for a fun night of selfies (all the while banishing your blackheads).

    19. A Jeopardy trivia book to properly commemorate one of the greatest men to ever grace our televisions.

    The Jeopardy trivia book.

    20. A mug warmer, because even if you're the self-proclaimed "busiest person on the planet" you deserve to have hot coffee.

    21. Matte hair clips made to work with *all* hair types — yes, even if you've broken your hairbrush while trying to comb through your bedhead, you can rock one of these beauties!

    22. Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning you'll want to sprinkle on everything — and you should because it's really freakin' delicious.

    23. A handheld light you will surely find yourself *mooning* over each night.

    24. A mountain of Disney Princess stickers so you can continue to cover every inch of your laptop and water bottles with magic.

    a model holding up a sticker of all the disney princesses over a pile of stickers

    Promising review: "These stickers are so adorable! I put them on everything I own almost. Every time I see them I smile. They bring me happiness." —ZAK

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    Get a set of 100 from Amazon for $7.99.

    25. A scratch paper art set that'll take you right back to your elementary school days but also provide a fun way to decompress after a stressful day.

    26. A cleaning pen to help keep their gems sparkling and leave everyone wondering if you were given an exciting new piece of jewelry over the holidays.

    27. A smart portable pack of soap sheets so you'll never find yourself stuck in a public bathroom that *just* ran out of soap (especially during times like these!).

    The pink plastic container with ears and a nose, plus the pink paper-thin soap sheets

    28. A chic faux-leather belt to act as the finishing touch on every outfit that just seems to be missing *something*.

    29. A combination of Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas filled with flavors of lavender, vanilla, and bergamot. It's also caffeinated, perfect for mixing up your morning routine without feeling sluggish.

    a bag of simple loose leaf blue lady grey tea

    30. A One Line a Day journal that'll provide you with a place to jot down a quick daily memory you can look back on for years to come — it'll last you five years!

    a reviewer's journal and another with the pages open to show five tiny paragraph sectinos

    31. Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask — perfect for relaxing with an at-home spa night after a busy week.

    the jar of strawberry scrub

    32. Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager that'll quickly become your favorite shower accessory. You can use it to exfoliate and deep clean your scalp while applying your shampoo — it's a game changer.

    33. Winky Lux Flower Balm you'll find simply magical when it goes on clear, then blossoms into the perfect shade of pink as it combines with your natural pH level. In addition to its lovely color, it'll keep your lips feeling fresh and hydrated.

    34. A double-layer glass to bring a touch of holiday whimsy to your morning.

    a clear up with an inner layer shaped like an upside down bear with a face painted in black

    35. A blanket scarf you can wrap around your neck for warmth or unfold and use as a makeshift blanket. So cozy!

    36. A bag of Mickey Mouse Classic Blend coffee to make you feel like you actually just picked up a cup at the Walt Disney World Resort. Sigh, I miss it so much.

    two bags of coffee with mickey on the packaging

    37. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings that'll give off the look of a cuff but have the feel of a simple stud.

    38. A pair of heart-shaped sunnies, so you can gaze at everyone you walk past with actual heart eyes.