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    55 Magical Disney Gifts For The Fan Who Seems To Already Have Everything

    "For the first time in forever, I'm getting what I'm dreaming of..." —Princess Anna, and the Disney-lover on your gifting list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Baby Yoda felt plush you won't want to give away to a fellow Disney-lover because it's cuter than anything else in the galaxy.

    2. Cloud wall decals that'll transform any bedroom into Andy's room. Toys that come to life not included, sadly.

    3. A 2020 planner designed to help them map out their Disney trips (and daily lives). It includes an array of magical holidays like film anniversaries and National Polka Dot Day.

    4. A subscription to Disney+ that'll give them access to more movies and TV shows than they'll know what to do with.

    5. A stemless glass they can break out at the end of a long day while they kick back, relax, and get their Disney fix.

    6. A too-cute PopSocket featuring Mickey and Minnie — a must-have for anyone who wants to add a lil' extra magic to their phone decor.

    7. An Enchanted Tiki Room sticker any true Disney fanatic will want to display on their computer or water bottle — good luck to them trying to get that catchy tune from the show out of their heads.

    8. A Pixar-inspired popcorn machine, because what would go better with a never ending Disney movie marathon than a delicious snack?

    9. Nightmare Before Christmas Vans that'll help them step into their favorite film and holiday at the same time. Now THAT'S what I call Disney magic.

    10. A vinyl sticker to transform their boring old power adapter into one Walt Disney himself would've approved of.

    11. A "Sing to Me Paolo" sweatshirt they'll probably want to wear from now until the release of the Lizzie McGuire reboot.

    12. A cute Pixar-themed throw blanket they can wrap themselves in while sobbing their way through those painful first few minutes of Up.

    13. A Mickey and Friends washed tee that'll never go out of style — perfect for your pal who visits Disneyland or Disney World on the reg.

    14. A Nightmare Before Christmas lamp to create the perfect ~spooky~ ambiance for their inevitable "This Is Halloween" sing-a-long.

    15. Coasters shaped like classic foods from the Disney Parks to soothe their craving when they can't get there in person and protect their coffee table from Mickey-shaped rings.

    16. A daily calendar that'll bring trivia, quotes, and photos from Disney and Pixar films right to their desk every day.

    17. A Baby Yoda car decal to bring the cutest addition the galaxy has ever seen to your friend's car — the best gift you can give this holiday season.

    18. A nameplate necklace designed to look like the ever-recognizable Disney font. Your pal will be fighting off compliments each time they wear it.

    19. An AirPod case for your friend who is always using the classic Winnie the Pooh quote, "sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

    20. Disney Princess face masks that'll have them looking like royalty by the time they finish belting out "Part of Your World."

    21. A candle inspired by Walt's office to try to bring just an ounce of his genius into their own work space. It smells like rich leather and sweet tobacco — AKA exactly what you'd expect Mr. Disney's scent to be like.

    22. The Art of Pixar, a book any true fan will want in their Disney library as it features art from so many of the iconic films.

    23. Vinyl stickers of Disney's most famous couple that'll appear to be peeking over your fellow Mouseketeer's laptop. So cute they won't know what to do with their excitement!

    24. Or a Snow White decal to transform your work wife's computer into a work of Disney art.

    25. An embroidered Buzz Lightyear hat they can wear while trying to convince everyone they are, in fact, a Space Ranger.

    26. A Disney Princess cookbook filled with recipes, so they'll be able to whip up a treat to go with whatever movie they're planning to watch that day.

    27. A long sleeve featuring the original poster for the AristoCats that'll be a purrfect gift for any Disney fan.

    28. A Frozen 2 Funko Pop of Elsa your buddy won't yet have in their collection because they're probably too busy trying to learn the words to "Into the Unknown" to buy it.

    29. A delicate bracelet engraved with an outline of Cinderella Castle you'll want to bibbidi bobbidi buy for yourself, too.

    30. Or a Tangled-inspired puzzle with 750 pieces that'll at last have your friend seeing the light when it comes to sitting down for a fun activity.

    31. A customized Starbucks cup to combine their obsession with Disney and caffeine into one glittering tumbler.

    32. And a festive knit cup holder with Baymax on it, because I'm sure there's nothing your Disney-loving friend will enjoy more than having their own personal healthcare companion to keep their favorite cup company.

    33. Classic Aladdin or Lion King games you both totally played as kids and, if you're anything like me, weren't able to beat. These games are back — now they can redeem themselves.

    34. A retro-styled Disney holiday tee they can wear while mentally planning their next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

    35. A postcard box filled to the brim with special Disney illustrations featuring your favorite characters — perfect for hanging up as decor or for utilizing as a last-minute birthday card.

    36. A Stitch makeup brush set and holder that'll make the recipient want to break into a hula dance once they opon it.

    37. A Star Wars TIE Fighter LEGO set they can build on their own then display on their desk.

    38. A Hanukkah tray that'll bring the magic of Disney to their eight-night-long celebration.

    39. Bob Iger's book about lessons he learned as the CEO of The Walt Disney Company — a great way to keep them feeling inspired in between episodes of The Imagineering Story.

    40. Or The Queens of Animation by Nathalia Holt, which will look fabulous stacked up with other magical books they already own.

    41. A Maleficent-inspired eyeshadow palette so they can express their more villainous side through their beauty routine. *Cue the evil laughter*

    42. A Star Wars pop-up book they can use to blast into hyperspace for a quick journey through the galaxy when they don't have the time to watch The Force Awakens again.

    43. A Dante pin for their ever-growing pin collection — and who wouldn't want an alebrije to keep an extra eye out for them?

    44. And a crossbody bag they'll use on every Park trip to keep track of the pins they want to trade or show off.

    45. A Disney Princess WetBrush that'll leave their hair looking as fabulous as Pocahontas' despite "all the colors of the wind* running through it or Belle's after being chased by a pack of wolves.

    46. Lion King Monopoly, perfect for a Disney family who is looking for a ~roaring~ good time at their next game night.

    47. A pair of comfortable ears with vintage Disney movie patterns on them, designed to prevent headaches so your Disney-obsessed BFF can wear 'em all day long.

    48. A Hercules pendant featuring lyrics from "Go the Distance" that'll motivate them to keep working towards their dream.

    49. A set of wall art depicting the blue prints for a variety of original Disneyland rides — a must have for any self-proclaimed Disney historian.

    50. A too-cute Zero lamp they'll want to leave out on display all year long, not just from October through December.

    51. A Star Wars sweater they can wear to the premiere of the latest film and to their office's ugly Christmas sweater party. Win-win!

    52. A semi-permanent tattoo that'll be "just a little change, small to say the least" but still give your pal a chance to pay tribute to their favorite film.

    53. A Toy Story backpack that'll have them humming "You've Got A Friend In Me" whenever they use it.

    54. An epic LEGO version of Cinderella Castle complete with 4,080 pieces they'll definitely want volunteers to help them build.