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    30 Gadgets For Your Backyard You Probably Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now

    From a portable projector for ultimate movie nights to a wall-mounted pool skimmer, your backyard is about to become *the* place to be.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Globe string lights that'll transform your backyard into the hipster haven you've always imagined it could be.

    the string lights in the back of someone's home

    Promising review: "Absolutely love the dim feature! These bulbs are more round than oval like others, but I love them. When they are off, there’s a cool yellow in them that offers a lovely aesthetic when not in use. Our pergola is wired for lights so we mounted them on and almost always dim them because the white pergola reflects the light. These lights have made our patio my new favorite spot in the house. My husband and I find the evenings so relaxing, we’ve literally grown closer together from spending time out under the lights in our new favorite place." —fishurmo

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in 27, 48, and 97 feet).

    2. A wall-mount swimming pool skimmer that works alongside your filter pump, so you can save the lives of tiny creatures that accidentally find themselves going for a swim and ensure your water is free of leaves and other debris.

    a tiny basket with a tube attached underneath along the side of a pool

    Promising review: "This skimmer does exactly what it is supposed to do. Catches things like leaves and insects that fall into the pool, anything that is floating on the pool surface eventually gets pulled in. The surface of my 18-foot Intex pool was cleaned within just a couple of hours after installation. The box comes with everything you should need to install it, so you don't need to buy extra hoses or hose adapters. The skimmer came with two different types of mounting bracket and one of them fit my Ultraframe Intex pool perfectly, I know some people had to get creative with how they mounted their skimmers, but luckily I didn't have to. I would recommend purchasing this skimmer to anyone with one of the Intex pools, it saves a lot of extra work." —thisguy

    Get it from Amazon for $56.86.

    3. An electric pressure washer you can use to restore your deck or back patio to the way it looked when your first set foot on it — so clean you could eat off it! But...maybe don't.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Power washer was delivered Monday, it’s Wednesday and I have washed two cars, cleaned driveway and side walks, cleaned back fence and the work keeps piling up, everything I see now needs to be cleaned! This little dude does not back down, plenty of power and it's surprisingly not too loud. Soap dispensers work great, and the tips are easy to change." —Mar

    Get it from Amazon for $149.

    4. A garbage guard that'll keep pesky flies and other insects from congregating around your can.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Got an outdoor can, the kind the mechanical arm on the garbage truck picks up and tips over, with the lid opening by gravity. Placed this on the inside of the lid, near the hinge to lessen the chances of it being scraped off during emptying and no flies/maggots! No apparent odor, just seems to put a big hurt on the fly party that used to be my trash can (litter box contents, remnants of meat, etc.) " —Michael E. Bradley

    Get it from Amazon for $8.61.

    5. A lawn mower in case you have so much grass that your yard is starting to look more like an overgrown forest than a suburban retreat.


    Promising review: "If this is how easy the electric cars will be then sign me up. No more going to the gas stations, no struggling getting the lawn mower out of the shed no more waking up the neighbors — I should get a discount. All my neighbors love it. Even the postman took time to take a look." —Jazzin Sykes

    Get it from Amazon for $248.52.

    6. A portable projector you can set up in your yard for the ultimate movie night your kids will never forget — good luck convincing them to watch anything other than Frozen.

    a mother and child watching a disney movie using the cinemood in their yard
    cinemood_usa / thehealthymouse / Via

    My husband and I recently tested this out on a wall in our apartment and it was pretty freakin' cool! I love Jessica McDonald's (@thehealthymouse on Instagram) setup for watching Disney movies with her tyke! I can totally see laying out cozy blankets, pillows, and a tent for an outdoor movie night the entire fam will enjoy. This pocket-sized gadget has the capability of streaming Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

    Promising review: "I was so excited when I came across Cinemood, because we had been searching for an alternative for my child’s room. The sleep timer is perfect because she likes to listen to lullabies before bed, and we often read the stories as well. Shadow puppets just blew her mind away, super cool! I enjoy finding new devices I can try, and this one surely did not disappoint. I originally bought it for the kids, but I’ve actually used it for movie nights, our friends are always impressed. I look forward to using it outdoors this spring!" —Elixir Premium Lab

    Get it from Amazon for $349.95.

    7. A portable grill you'll be able to use to grill up a delicious feast even if you don't have an abundance of outdoor space.

    the portable propane grill in red

    Promising review: "This grill is great! It has three burners so the things that you are grilling do not cook unevenly. I purchased a 20 lb-to-1 lb propane adapter and hooked up my 20 lb propane to it. It is easy to assemble. I usually prefer a charcoal grill over propane, but this grill came close to giving me the charcoal grill taste, it did not disappoint me. Awesome product!" —Michael S

    Get it from Amazon for $249.99 (available in black, green, or red).

    8. A solar-powered, motion sensor-activated lights so you can sing "and at last I see the light," like Rapunzel in Tangled each time you step into your yard., Amazon

    Promising review: "I purchased these to cover the side of my house. Installation was easy and I left them outside for two days to charge. The light coverage was about what I expected from them and do the job well. The motion sensitivity covers all the side and lights turn on. It has rained about three times and still work great and hoping they last for a long time." —J. Argueta

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $39.99.

    9. A BBQ tool that'll act as a spatula, tongs, and brush all in one! No more fumbling around for the right grill gadget while your burgers are ready to be flipped.

    a model using the bbq gadget
    The Grommet

    Promising review: "Bought it for my son in law for Christmas, a grill master! Loved not burning his wrist on the big grill, and can pick up all large cuts of meat and small pieces of vegetable without a problem. Very well-made. Extremely pleased with this purchase!" —Joyce

    Get it from The Grommet for $16.95+ (available in 15, 18, or 21 inches).

    10. A portable golf game you can use to practice your chipping skills in the comfort of your own yard (or, you know, when you aren't able to get a tee time).

    three black plastic circles making up a target next to six birdies you can use to chip into the target

    I recently gifted this to one of my golf-loving friends and it's been a big hit! It's perfect for anyone looking to add an extra activity to their "what-can-I-do-while-quarantining" list. The game is simple — you want to toss (or chip, if you have golf clubs at home) the birdie into the three ring target. The set comes with six specially weighted birdies, two anti-slipping chipping mats, the three-ring target, and a travel bag for storage.

    Get it from Chip-Down for $49.99.

    11. And LED golf balls for any night owl that would like to practice putting in their own yard under a full moon (sounds magical, TBH).

    an array of light up stakes and light up golf balls in a yard

    Get it from Wayfair for $15.99.

    12. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, so you'll never have to fumble with headphone wires at the beach or pool again.

    the tube-like speaker in black

    I've had one of these portable lil' gadgets for two years now (I own the flip 4) and it hasn't failed me yet! The music is clear and crisp even when I'm using it outside at the windy beach. Definitely a fan — it does exactly what it should!

    Promising review: "This little speaker packs a real punch for its size. The sound quality on this speaker is very crisp and clear and the base is quite deep. I've owned and tested many other speakers in its class and they can't compare. The durability on this thing is insane! I've thrown it down a 50-foot staircase onto asphalt and no problem occurred. I've dunked it in water on multiple occasions and nothing happened. The battery life of this thing is also kind of amazing! But I've got to tell you that this speaker has its limits due to its size. It gets the best quality use in small/medium sized rooms or small outdoor living spaces. Something this size has its limits. Besides that I highly recommend this speaker if you're trying to make your final decision." —Beckett K.

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95 (available in nine styles).

    13. A splash pad to help keep your kiddos cool and content while playing in the hot summer sun.

    two kids playing in the circular play mat with water shooting out around the edges

    This toy is ideally for kids ages 2–12. It features animals and letters around the mat so little ones can learn while they cool off — win-win!

    Promising review: "If you are thinking about buying this, do it! My 2.5-year-old daughter couldn’t wait to open it up. She loves splash pads and I was excited about getting her one for home. Even the baby could play with it! It created a little pool of water in the middle that they could splash in and the jets of water actually went a lot higher than I expected. Plenty of room for both of them and could probably have a few more toddlers play with it as well. Loved that I did not have to blow anything up. Just hooked the hose up and there it goes. Did have to squeeze it a bit to get the water out but minor inconvenience for how much fun they had with it!" —Kristen

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    14. A set of LED pathway lights to ensure you won't trip over your own feet while letting your dog in and out of the yard.

    lantern lights on stakes lining a set of stairs

    Promising review: "These lights are amazing! They light up from dusk till dawn, and the assembly and installation was so easy, a child could do it. They are completely made of plastic; would be nice if there was a fully metal option. I love the modern design." —SarahSTL

    Get a set of six from Target for $35.

    15. Or solar-powered LED garden lights that'll change colors and create the illusion of rising bubbles that'll make your yard feel like an escape to Alice's Wonderland.

    Solar powered lights in different colors lighting up a pathway
    Yang's Choice Store

    Promising review: "I actually got these for my visually-impaired daughter, and they work wonderfully! Beautiful, bright and entertaining! Best part is that they are solar-powered, so there's no need to buy a ton of batteries!" —Michelle MacIntosh

    Get it from Yang's Choice Store on Etsy for $18.99.

    16. A machine to help you whip up margaritas, piña coladas, and daiquiris so you can mentally transport yourself to a tropical island.

    the margarita maker in action

    Promising review: "Bought this for my wife for her birthday. I was planning on going with something cheaper, but after I read all the good reviews on this machine I decided to get this one. This margarita maker is worth every penny! It's so simple to use and the fact that you can manually mix it more or add more shaved ice to make it exactly the way you want it is fantastic. We found that after a normal cycle, it leaves some small chunks of ice. Blend for three more seconds, and boom, it's perfect." —A.S.

    Get it from Amazon for $250.

    17. A stainless-steel fire pit that'll help transform your not-so-manicured yard into one anyone would feel relaxed hanging out in.,

    My family has this fire pit and has been loving it all summer long! My sisters have a blast making s'mores and hanging out around it while watching the sunset — what more could you ask for? My dad also built out an entire seating area around it! It looks fantastic.

    Promising review: "We just received our Tiki fire pit and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship. We have been looking for a fire pit for our patio and this one is perfect! The black exterior and copper colored lining is gorgeous and I love that it can use pellets or wood logs. It is a nice size and there was nearly no assembly. The low smoke design and ash pan for easy cleanup was an unexpected bonus. This definitely exceeded our expectations." —Shari Bitterman

    Get it from Amazon for $350.

    18. A garden digging tool – it can be used with one hand so you can use the other to call your mom and say "wait, how much sunlight do these begonias need?"

    a model using one hand to grip the handle of the digging tool
    The Grommet

    Promising review: "Works exactly like I'd hope it would. Even in clay soil. Great for spring planting. Recommended." —Brian

    Get it from The Grommet for $17.95 (available in two colors).

    19. An outdoor pizza oven that'll make every party a pizza party — and everyone knows there's nothing better than a pizza party.,

    My parents moved from New York to North Carolina and the only thing they regret leaving behind (other than me... I hope) is the amazing pizza. The solution? They bought their own pizza oven! Now they whip up fresh pies like it's nothing whenever they're getting a craving for the ~good stuff~.

    Promising review: "Bought this pizza oven a few weeks ago and we absolutely love it! Pizzas done to perfection in 60 seconds and my family and friends actually say it’s the best pizza they have ever had!!!! We’ve used Bertello pizza recipes which are simple and delicious! We purchased the cover as well which keeps it protected so that it will be easy to transport to camping/beach/parties etc! We Love it!" —Keith A. Clement

    Get it from Amazon for $319.99.

    20. A set of extendable s'mores sticks you can use to safely burn your marshmallow to a crisp without doing the same to your arm hairs.


    Promising review: "These roasting sticks will get the job done. They retract easily and will be perfect for light use (roasting marshmallows) with our fire pit. Not extremely sturdy but not flimsy either. The metal points are not sharp which is a good thing if kids are handling them. I like the storage pouch it comes with too." —Sheri J. O

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $14.97.

    21. A fancier firepit that'll also double as a wood fire grill and make you feel like you just became the owner of a off-the-beaten path, trendy backyard restaurant.

    Breeo, breeoco / Via

    My dad recently got one of these to test out and has been so excited to take his grilling *and* backyard game to the next level. Not only does this fire pit look awesome and provide a cozy place for your family to hangout, but because it's made with a specific COR-TEN material you'll be able to cook all kinds of things right along the edges. Pretty freakin' cool. If you'd rather *not* place your steak directly on the pit, you can go for their grill grate and cook it above the flames.

    Get it from Breeo for $399.

    22. A snow cone cart, so on super hot summer days you can retreat to the privacy of your own yard and eat as many as your heart desires., nostalgiaelectrics / Via

    Not to mention it'll look so *cool* on your back patio.

    Promising review: "I love this snow cone maker. Very easy to make a lot of snow cones in a short time. The kids at my daughters birthday party loved this. Well worth the money. Am now going to put this on my deck for days I'm out swimming and playing with my 3-year-old. " —elizabeth givens

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

    23. An outdoor drink stakes set that'll be there for you when someone challenges you and you say "hold my beer."

    review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

    Promising review: "As always, my order was shipped quickly and in perfect condition. I love the bright colors and they are talk and sturdy. They are perfect for bottles, cabs, and cups... Not so good with stemmed wine glasses! No problem: I just ordered silicone stemless wine glasses!" —LaDonna Clark

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $36.95. Or get a set made for stemmed wine glasses here.

    24. An outdoor heater you might as well splurge on now so you can continue your backyard fun through the entire year.

    a tall standing heater with a small shade-like top

    The heater stands 87-inches tall.

    Promising review: "Amazing! This was pretty simple to set up, and getting it running is a breeze. I wasn’t expecting it to be as tall as it is but hey go big or go home right!? It definitely heats our entire porch and has extended our use of it this season which I am thrilled about! I have only had it assembled for one day so far and have already gotten several people complimenting how great it looks! Highly recommend this!" —Matt Antoniak

    Get it from Amazon for $224.99.

    25. Rapid-fill water balloons that'll make you the hero of your family and provide everyone in your life with some much-needed, socially distanced fun.

    tub full of water balloons

    Promising review: "These are the best water ballons. Multiple balloons filled at same time, self tie and release with a gentle shake. You can't have too many of these balloons. After all the time spent at home under Shelter in Place guidelines, it was great to maintain 6 ft. apart and have so much fun. The kids were able to play outdoors, maintain social distancing and have a lot of fun with water balloons. Easy and quick to fill. Worth the money. I don't think we can ever return to regular balloons for water battles." —Brenda S.

    Get 420 balloons from Amazon for $22.78.

    26. A pressure-activated cooling pad to provide your pup with an actual *chill spot* to relax on after getting their zoomies out in the yard on a hot summer day.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on top of a red mat

    This pad is said to be 5–10 degrees cooler than room temp and reviewers say it also provides some relief for pets with joint pain.

    Promising review: "I have a pug and a toy fox terrier/Chihuahua mix and they absolutely love this thing. I just leave it sitting on the living room floor and they gravitate towards it whenever they need to cool down (they sometimes even fight over it). Both fit simultaneously if they are in the mood for sharing the space. The mat is tough, too! I don't think their nails can penetrate it." —E Marsh

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in two colors).

    27. A unicorn sprinkler that'll put the one you and I had as kids to SHAME! The good news is, IMO, you're never too old to have a run through a majestic sprinkler like this.

    large inflatable unicorn that shoots water out of horn

    Promising review: "Used this for my 29th birthday party. It was a hit. Sprinkled us with water all day while we floated around in the pool. Definitely not just for kiddos. Great for adults, too. I’m 5-foot-10 and got the large size, not the jumbo. Was still huge! Came with four yellow stakes to keep it from blowing away!" —Hara Serter

    Get it from Amazon for $38.99.

    28. A standing weeder (without the chemicals!) for anyone with a bad back who still wants an award-worthy lawn.

    Made with a bamboo handle and powder-coated steel, it uses a simple lever system to made weeding easy.

    Promising review: "Oh my god, I friggin' love this tool. I bought this on a whim given we bought our first house and know nothing about caring for a yard. Boy has it come in handy. Our new house had a ton of weeds in the front yard and this tool helped me get most of them out in no time. In fact, the process of yanking out the weed was strangely satisfying! I don't think anyone can say that weeding is fun but this tool made it as close to fun as you can get, especially when you see a long root along with the weed you pulled." —JG

    Get it on Amazon for $35.95.

    29. A mosquito repellent to create a15-foot zone free of any vicious nibblers that would typically be eyeing your sweet skin.

    a model holding up the thermacell unit
    thermacell / Via

    Promising review: "I almost broke down and bought chemical sprays to deter mosquitoes. I fire up this Thermacel and can see the number of mosquitoes diminishing minute by minute. I want to be stingy since the pads last only a couple of hours and the butane about 3x as long as the pads, but since it actually works, I'll just have to budget for the refiles." —Elizabeth

    Get it from Target for $19.99 (available in blue).

    30. And a light-up palm tree so you can mentally go on a vacation to your favorite tropical destination and bring some much-need extra lighting to your outdoor space.


    Promising review: "Love love love it... this in in our little side area in front of our kitchen window, and the final piece of decor of a long line of backyard decorating. What a fun ending!" —Shayna

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in two heights).

    Me, sipping a piña colada under my light-up palm tree like:

    The Walt Disney Company

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