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    30 Gadgets For Your Backyard You Probably Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now

    From a portable projector for ultimate movie nights to a wall-mounted pool skimmer, your backyard is about to become *the* place to be.

    1. Globe string lights that'll transform your backyard into the hipster haven you've always imagined it could be.

    the string lights in the back of someone's home

    2. A wall-mount swimming pool skimmer that works alongside your filter pump, so you can save the lives of tiny creatures that accidentally find themselves going for a swim and ensure your water is free of leaves and other debris.

    a tiny basket with a tube attached underneath along the side of a pool

    3. An electric pressure washer you can use to restore your deck or back patio to the way it looked when your first set foot on it — so clean you could eat off it! But...maybe don't.

    4. A garbage guard that'll keep pesky flies and other insects from congregating around your can.

    5. A lawn mower in case you have so much grass that your yard is starting to look more like an overgrown forest than a suburban retreat.

    6. A portable projector you can set up in your yard for the ultimate movie night your kids will never forget — good luck convincing them to watch anything other than Frozen.

    a mother and child watching a disney movie using the cinemood in their yard

    7. A portable grill you'll be able to use to grill up a delicious feast even if you don't have an abundance of outdoor space.

    the portable propane grill in red

    8. A solar-powered, motion sensor-activated lights so you can sing "and at last I see the light," like Rapunzel in Tangled each time you step into your yard.

    9. A BBQ tool that'll act as a spatula, tongs, and brush all in one! No more fumbling around for the right grill gadget while your burgers are ready to be flipped.

    a model using the bbq gadget

    10. A portable golf game you can use to practice your chipping skills in the comfort of your own yard (or, you know, when you aren't able to get a tee time).

    three black plastic circles making up a target next to six birdies you can use to chip into the target

    11. And LED golf balls for any night owl that would like to practice putting in their own yard under a full moon (sounds magical, TBH).

    an array of light up stakes and light up golf balls in a yard

    12. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, so you'll never have to fumble with headphone wires at the beach or pool again.

    the tube-like speaker in black

    13. A splash pad to help keep your kiddos cool and content while playing in the hot summer sun.

    two kids playing in the circular play mat with water shooting out around the edges

    14. A set of LED pathway lights to ensure you won't trip over your own feet while letting your dog in and out of the yard.

    lantern lights on stakes lining a set of stairs

    15. Or solar-powered LED garden lights that'll change colors and create the illusion of rising bubbles that'll make your yard feel like an escape to Alice's Wonderland.

    Solar powered lights in different colors lighting up a pathway

    16. A machine to help you whip up margaritas, piña coladas, and daiquiris so you can mentally transport yourself to a tropical island.

    the margarita maker in action

    17. A stainless-steel fire pit that'll help transform your not-so-manicured yard into one anyone would feel relaxed hanging out in.

    18. A garden digging tool – it can be used with one hand so you can use the other to call your mom and say "wait, how much sunlight do these begonias need?"

    a model using one hand to grip the handle of the digging tool

    19. An outdoor pizza oven that'll make every party a pizza party — and everyone knows there's nothing better than a pizza party.

    20. A set of extendable s'mores sticks you can use to safely burn your marshmallow to a crisp without doing the same to your arm hairs.

    21. A fancier firepit that'll also double as a wood fire grill and make you feel like you just became the owner of a off-the-beaten path, trendy backyard restaurant.

    22. A snow cone cart, so on super hot summer days you can retreat to the privacy of your own yard and eat as many as your heart desires.

    23. An outdoor drink stakes set that'll be there for you when someone challenges you and you say "hold my beer."

    review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

    24. An outdoor heater you might as well splurge on now so you can continue your backyard fun through the entire year.

    a tall standing heater with a small shade-like top

    25. Rapid-fill water balloons that'll make you the hero of your family and provide everyone in your life with some much-needed, socially distanced fun.

    tub full of water balloons

    26. A pressure-activated cooling pad to provide your pup with an actual *chill spot* to relax on after getting their zoomies out in the yard on a hot summer day.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on top of a red mat

    27. A unicorn sprinkler that'll put the one you and I had as kids to SHAME! The good news is, IMO, you're never too old to have a run through a majestic sprinkler like this.

    large inflatable unicorn that shoots water out of horn

    28. A standing weeder (without the chemicals!) for anyone with a bad back who still wants an award-worthy lawn.

    29. A mosquito repellent to create a15-foot zone free of any vicious nibblers that would typically be eyeing your sweet skin.

    a model holding up the thermacell unit

    30. And a light-up palm tree so you can mentally go on a vacation to your favorite tropical destination and bring some much-need extra lighting to your outdoor space.

    Me, sipping a piña colada under my light-up palm tree like:

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