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    30 Pieces Of Comfy Clothing To Add To Your Wardrobe Because They're On Sale

    May your 2021 be filled with endless snuggle-worthy outfits.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An oversized blanket sweatshirt you might as well just wear until the sun comes out again in April.

    2. A hoodie for anyone who actually enjoys spending time indoors — give me and my fellow homebodies a cup of tea, a good book, and this sweatshirt, and we'll be good to go.

    a model in an evergreen sweatshirt with the word "indoorsy" on it and some home-themed icons

    3. A ribbed sweater made of recycled cashmere that'll feel so soft against your skin you'll never want to take it off — honestly, I won't judge you if you don't.

    a model in a camel colored sweater with wide sleeves

    4. Classic black bike shorts beloved by hundreds of reviewers (and myself!) who couldn't help but gush about how soft and breathable they are.

    Model wearing the black bike shorts

    5. A crewneck in a fun color to help upgrade your loungewear from drab to fab.

    6. Animal Crossing-themed pajama pants for those snuggly mornings in bed where you'll find yourself angrily yelling at your Nintendo Switch because your turnip prices are atrociously low...or is that only me?

    a model wearing blue pajama pants with characters from animal crossing all over them

    7. A simple long-sleeve top with tortoiseshell buttons you can wear on casual days with a pair of jeans for a look that says "look how cool and laid back I can be."

    a model in a gray long sleeve with buttons down the middle

    8. An oversized quarter-zip with a zipper you can absentmindedly play with while watching all the juicy drama unfold on Bridgerton.

    a reviewer in the oatmeal colored sweatshirt

    9. A cutout bralette made of an ultra-soft modal cotton blend you'll want to buy in every color after wearing it just once — trust me.

    a model in a green bralette with a thick band a cut out in the middle

    10. Highly rated leggings in an earthy shade, because all the pairs you currently own are probably black and you might want to mix it up once in a while.

    a model lounging in copper colored leggings

    11. An oversized soft-brushed leopard print coat, so you won't feel a single chill when you actually cave and head outdoors to buy some snacks (and get a little vitamin D).

    a model in the gray soft coat

    12. A satin sleep set you'll feel absolutely luxurious slipping into before climbing under your covers to watch Netflix late into the night.

    13. A pair of fleece-lined leggings that'll become your go-to for the coldest of winter days — no one will know your stylish bottoms actually feel like a warm hug.

    14. A fleece turtleneck sweatshirt you'll get tons of compliments on and feel snug as a bug while wearing — what more could you want?!

    a model in the sweatshirt in cream

    15. A Pixar long-sleeve top that'll pair perfectly with the sobs that escape your mouth every time you watch UP, Soul, and Toy Story.

    16. Waffle knit joggers you'll likely find yourself wanting in every color so you can wear them all week.

    17. A jumpsuit you can happily add into your loungewear lineup — it has a drawstring to accentuate your waist so you can feel comfortable without looking like a slob kebab.

    18. A Champion hoodie that'll never go out of style — feel free to treat your lazy-Sunday-loving self to multiple colors.

    19. An oversized cozy pullover from Aerie you'll want to buy for everyone in your life so you can all match on your Zoom hangouts.

    a model in a mustard yellow plush pullover

    20. A button-up flannel you'll be able to wear through fall, winter, and spring — buy it oversized for an extra cozy feel.

    21. A soft V-neck sweater to replace the one you've washed so many times at this point it would fit a toddler better — sorry, but it's true.

    22. An E.T. sweatshirt for anyone who's physically here but mentally (and fashionably) in the '80s.

    a model in a black sweatshirt with silhouettes of et riding in the bike basket

    23. A padded lace bralette, great for lounging in but also for layering under other tops or jackets for a sexy but playful style.

    a model in an olive green lace bralette

    24. A staple T-shirt that'll look great whether you wear it under a denim jacket, a sweater, or all by itself — it's a gift that'll keep on giving to your wardrobe.

    a model in an orange t-shirt

    25. A ribbed turtleneck sweater with a semi-cropped cut you can pair with your favorite high-waisted jeans or a playful skirt if you're looking to show a lil' leg.

    a model in a purple gray turtleneck

    26. A three-pack of crew socks to layer under boots for extra warmth or to just bring a lil' smile to your face while you wear 'em around the house.

    three pairs of socks, one white with gray leopard print, one white and knit, and one camel with white vertical stripes

    27. A crewneck sweater made of extra soft yarn for days when you want to feel slightly dressed but still as comfortable as possible.

    a model in a color blocked sweater with off white, pink and orange sections

    28. Sweatshorts with an elastic waistband, a must-have if you're typically flip flopping between being too hot or too cold and just want a wardrobe staple you'll be able to wear all day without changing.

    a model wearing blue sweatshorts and a matching sweatshirt

    29. A knit pajama top and shorts set that'll give you actual heart-eyes when you see how cute you look in them — great for lazy days or a cozy Valentine's Day celebration at home.

    30. And leggings from Aerie's Offline collection that were clearly designed for you to wear with snuggly oversized tees — or at least that's what I've been wearing 'em with for months now...

    a model in navy blue leggings

    When I see my sister leaving the house in *my* favorite sweater:

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