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    40 Disney Etsy Shops You'll Probably Want To Buy All Of Your Merch From

    Get ready to be doused in pixie dust because this list is filled with Disney-inspired shirts, pins, stickers, jewelry, home goods, and everything in between.

    1. Main Street Melts Candle Co, because you've probably been missing the Magic Kingdom more than you'd care to admit so you might as well make your home smell like it.

    2. Happiest Things Co's dazzling keychains and jewelry would be a welcomed gift by *any* Disney fan (even though you and I both know you'll be buying everything they've got for yourself).

    3. Hella Cute Company will likely become your go-to thanks to all of their adorable seasonal apparel, houseware options, and pop culture crossover items — you'd think Fairy Godmother herself designed these!

    4. PearlandtheWhale has a Baby Yoda made of Merino wool — so soft you'll probably want to buy one for every Star Wars fan in your life.

    a model holding the woven, soft baby yoda in their hand

    5. Laura Stites Art, for anyone who worships The Mouse but prefers a more minimal taste when it comes to the art they choose to put up in their home.

    6. The Sparkle Bop creates collectible Disney jewelry and accessories that'll make you feel like a kid again.

    7. 28MagicFans sells a majestic oversized fan with a print of the iconic Spaceship Earth ball to help you *keep your cool* while also looking more chic than ever.

    the fan

    8. Best Day Evear, for anyone who is tired of their rose gold Minnie ears they bought years ago and feels like they're ready for an upgrade.

    9. Designed in Neverland will probably become your favorite shop to order playful personalized bracelets (with a Disney twist, of course) from.

    10. Magical Pixie Dust 98's shop features tons of Disney tumblers you can personalize with your name on it so your sister won't even be able to *think* about stealing your fave cup.

    11. Rachel Walter has a number of hidden Disney-inspired gems you'll likely want to add to your collection. Coffee sleeves, hats, ornaments — sign me up.

    12. Wish Upon Magic designs stickers, accessories, and home decor you'll likely want to describe as *practically perfect in every way*.

    13. The Fairy Godsisters make dazzling ears and themed scrunchies you'll want in every style because they are stylish and have been designed to prevent any headband-induced headaches you may have experienced in the past.

    14. PracPerfCrafts designs Disney-inspired pieces of home decor like cork boards and lanterns that'll stand apart from all the other merch that's found its way into your home.

    15. Pixie Dusted Treasure sells nonmedical face masks that'll help you show off your *Disney style* while safely socially distancing.

    16. Hayden Evans Art creates intricate Disney-inspired art pieces you can hang on your wall for a daily reminder of the painful, yet hilarious, dad jokes that roll off the Skippers' tongues on the Jungle Cruise or use one to add a *spooky* Haunted Mansion vibe to your home.

    17. Casey Sketches will transform your beloved pet into a Disney character — it'll likely become your most prized possession (or at the very least, your eternal phone wallpaper).

    to the left: an illustrated drawing of a golden retriever in a disney animation style, to the right: a photo of the dog the illustration was based on

    18. Awesome Pattern Studio sells an array of magical embroidery kits, so when you're watching Disney movies for hours on end you can keep your hands busy at the same time crafting something fun.

    19. Drawings by BOBA creates hand painted Starbucks tumblers that'll blow your mind (and any other Disney fan who sees you sippin' out of one).

    six different halloween-themed hand drawn tumbler cups

    20. PinkSundaysStudio features apparel any true Disney fan will want in their closet — I've personally had my eye on their Edna Mode sweatshirt for months.

    21. World Traveler Trading creates pixie dust-packed keychains in an array of Disney styles so even your keys can get in on the magic.

    22. shopTinkerbail's embroidered hoops will likely fill you with as much joy as that priceless moment when you turn the corner on Main Street USA and spot the castle for the first time.

    23. Baxter and Co Designs, a must-shop for anyone looking to incorporate their favorite Disney characters into their lives through intricately made metal decor.

    24. Items from Enchanted CharactEARS can help you add a subtle Disney accent to your living room *and* amp up your Mickey Ear game.

    25. Livs Beaded Magic, because if you haven't already covered half your arm in beaded bracelets you might want to start after seeing her Disney-inspired accessories..

    26. Oh Hey! Studios' perfectly punny Disney pins are pop culture-focused and'll win you over after one glance at their products.

    27. Olive and Finley sells beaded stretch bracelets complete with a tiny hidden Mickey bead to help incorporate your favorite mouse into your arm candy.

    28. Ears By Ray offers lightweight 3D printed ears with bows that are so pretty you'll want to incorporate them into all of your outfits even when you're not at Disney World.

    29. 999 Spyglass embroiders hats that'll keep the hot Florida or California sun out of your eyes while you not-so-patiently wait to explore Star Wars Land.

    30. Apprentice Apparel, a wonderful shop for anyone who already has purchased their weight in spirit jerseys and yet is still itching to add to their collection.

    31. The Magical Feather has over 1,402 Disney-infused items you can sift through, my apologies to your wallet.

    32. Once Upon a Tee Shirt will help you combine your favorite pop culture references with your most-loved Disney character in one easy purchase.

    33. Le Ears, a must-shop for anyone who treasures Disney history or simply wants to feel like royalty when visiting Magic Kingdom.

    34. Heigh Ho Design Co will provide you with tees influenced by Disney attractions and snacks.

    35. Peter Pan Cottage's shop, the perfect place for anyone planning to shop for their first pair of over-the-top ears.

    36. Charmed And Cozy will become your go-to for pins and patches so your jean jacket or backpack can shine as bright