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    27 Accessories That'll Probably Make Animal Lovers Smile

    Pawfectly purrfect accessories that just might make you roar with excitement? Coming right up.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of lil' cable chompers to protect your forever-tearing phone cord and provide you with that squealing I-want-to-squeeze-you-feeling.

    2. Owl socks you'll find a real ~hoot~ every time you look down and see their cute heads popping out over the top of your booties.

    3. A bracelet with gummy bear charms that'll let you put your love for your favorite candy on display.

    4. A simple sloth necklace you'll definitely want in your accessory line-up if you claim to love this majestic creature as much as Kristen Bell does (and that's a lot).

    5. An umbrella with puppies peeking out the top will have you wishing for more rainy days so you can show it off.

    6. Or a French bulldog watch you can wear to count down the minutes until you're ready to take the plunge and adopt the real thing.

    7. A variety of dress socks covered in animals that'll show your colleagues your sense of humor without breaking your unspoken professional dress code.

    8. A handbag shaped like one of your favorite creatures to add some whimsy to a standard outfit.

    9. A cow print clutch that'll make you want to tell your other bags to moooove over.

    10. An adorable lil' kitty pin you can wear to disprove that silly superstition that black cats are bad luck.

    11. Bee-shaped studs that'll leave people ~buzzing~ about how stylish your jewelry is.

    12. Flamingo earrings you'll flock to when you want to upgrade your accessory game.

    13. Socks that'll leave you giggling every time you kick your feet up and realize it looks like a creature is nibbling on your toes.

    14. A PopSocket, so you can keep a good grip on your precious phone and have a portable stand all while letting the world know what your favorite animal is.

    15. Plush headbands with cat ears attached that'll make your next at-home spa night cuter than ever and actually make you want to take your makeup off before dozing off.

    16. Snake earrings you'll make fashion hisstory wearing because they're both quirky and glamorous.

    17. Fluffy bear claw slippers to keep you warm and cozy during your winter hibernation.

    18. Or a Bear Mountain pin, perfect for subtly paying tribute to your love for nature and animals.

    19. An animal dust plug to protect your ear jack and accessorize in the cutest way possible at the same time.

    20. Dinosaur hoops, for you or the person in your life who would rather discuss how handsome Jeff Goldblum looked in Jurassic Park than anything else. (Spoiler: it's me).

    21. A cat cord organizer that'll distract people from asking you why you're still using wired headphones.

    22. Classic bunny slippers you probably always meant to buy but never got around to it — now is your chance!

    23. Or a meowtain pin any feline fanatic would truly appreciate.

    24. A Pusheen backpack, so cute you'll want to buy one for you and your best friend.

    25. Rainbow fish drop earrings embellished with crystals that'll sparkle in the sun the next time you're out on the water.

    26. A fanny pack inspired by Rex from Toy Story you'll want in your life whether you're headed to the Disney Parks or just running errands.

    27. And a cat-shaped earring holder you can use to put your accessory zoo on display.

    You, when your adorable new accessories finally get delivered:

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