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    35 Cute Products From Small Businesses You'll Probs Want To Buy ASAP

    A personalized acrylic clutch, beaded earrings, candles, and many more items you likely won't realize you needed until you see 'em.

    1. Pikachu-inspired scrunchies that'll bring a touch of fun to your 'do. They'll look just as cute hanging out on your wrist on days you want to let your hair down 😉.

    an arm with pikachu printed scrunchies on it

    2. A Birthdate Candle featuring your actual day of birth, because who doesn't love something customized JUST for them?

    a candle that says march fourth on it

    3. A castle-shaped sun catcher that'll fill your home with rainbows, magic, and overall good vibes.

    4. A colorful art print for book and animal lovers alike — a must-have for anyone with a blank space on their wall.

    an art print with various books and a dog and two cats

    5. An inspirational notebook to use as a journal or planner, a must-have if organization and order soothe your soul (guilty).

    a spiral notebook with "goal getter" written on it in light pink and a person with their hair up sitting in bed with a notebook and a cup of tea

    6. A "Happy Pill" charm you can add on to a chain you already have (how thrifty of you!) as a little reminder that you're Awesome with a capital A. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    a gold pill-shaped charm with a smiley face on it

    7. A customizable clutch to add your initials, full name, or anything you want to! Added bonus? You can wear it to a wedding without worrying it'll accidentally get picked up by someone else who thought it was theirs.

    a pink acrylic bag with light pink initials on it and a heart

    8. Tea bags in a variety of whimsical shapes that'll make your cup of tea *that* much more exciting. Your evening spent at home reading just got a whole lot more fun.

    9. A customized Starbucks cup to combine your love for Disney and caffeine into one reusable tumbler. No extra thought process needed — fill 'er up and head out the door!

    10. A fairy garden decor set for your pumpkin, so instead of making something *spooky* that'll scare trick-or-treaters away you can display something cozy and adorable.

    a pumpkin with two windows and a red door on it

    11. A crystal glass butterfly bracelet you'll want to buy a handful of for everyone in your life — it's the epitome of beauty and would certainly make for a stunning gift.

    model wearing the butterfly bracelet in several different colors
    INDV Apparel / Etsy

    INDV Apparel is a small business based in Los Angeles that sells beautiful jewelry.

    Promising review: "Arrived extremely fast and is so beautiful that I can't stop staring at it! I ended up buying another color and still want more — they're all so cute." —Tasha Reus

    Get it from INDV Apparel on Etsy for $24 (available in 16 colors).

    12. A canvas drink holder, a must-have for anyone (like myself) who prefers only to drink iced beverages, regardless of the weather outside. This will protect your precious fingers from getting too cold and will turn your morning coffee into a style statement.

    13. A witty crewneck sweatshirt that'll guarantee you'll have a ~ghoul~ time whenever you wear it.

    14. A trendy motel-inspired keychain to pay tribute to the place you wish you could retire alongside Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia.

    a green keychain that says shady pines retirement home on one side and thank you for being a friend on the other

    15. A hat embroidered with your pet on it, so the whole world can appreciate what a stylish pet parent you are.

    a split photo of a dog and the same dog embroidered on a black baseball hat
    999Spyglass / Etsy

    How special is this!? I have other hats from this shop and have never been disappointed — the embroidery is done so carefully and beautifully. You'll need to send the shop owner a photo of your pet, then she'll hand draw it (amazing) and embroider it onto the hat. I can't think of a better way to pay tribute to your furry friend. 999Spyglass is a woman-owned small business based out of Baltimore, Maryland that primarily sells Disney-inspired apparel.

    Get it from 999Spyglass on Etsy for $60+ (available in 12 colors).

    16. Catnip disguised as a baguette, because why should you be the only one enjoying delicious carbs?

    a cat sniffing a basket of bread toys
    MiniTigerDesign / Etsy

    MiniTigerDesign is a small business based in Canada that sells handmade cat toys, gifts, and treats.

    Promising review: "I bought this for the image of my cat carrying a baguette in his mouth. I ordered it in the past and had to reorder cause they wore it down so much! But be careful, the cats go crazy for these sticks! Had to hide them when I went to sleep to make sure they wouldn’t annihilate it in the night LOL. It’s one of their favorites. Would buy again, did buy again, they’re amazing, 10/10." —Kaylene Calligaro

    Get it from MiniTigerDesign on Etsy for $13.38 (available in white or whole wheat).

    17. A stylish reverse tie-dye sweatshirt you can customize with *whatever* you want — the options are endless!

    two black sweatshirts with acid wash tie dye, one says "los angeles" on yellow the other says "new york" in pink

    18. A journal designed to help you set goals, achieve them, and have a fun adventure along the way.

    the quest journal

    19. A frame for your peephole for any diehard Friends fans, because you and I both know you always wish you could've lived in Monica's epic apartment. All you'll have to do next is paint your door purple!

    20. A cute kitchen timer to ensure your baked ziti or famous chocolate chip cookies won't burn while you're simultaneously trying to make sure your house is presentable for guests.

    a black cat shaped timer

    21. Mane Club's smoothing hair mask will be the perfect addition to your at-home spa night and leave your hair looking moisturized and healthy for all of your upcoming activities.

    a pink packet of 5-in-1 deep conditioner with a fun font on it that says "babe alert"

    22. A safe wooden knife for any budding chefs who have outgrown their plastic play kitchen and want to get a bit more hands-on with cooking.

    Kids hands holding the wooden
    JUstenbois / Etsy

    JUstenbois is a small business based in Canada that sells eco-friendly handmade tableware from maple wood.

    Promising review: "My 4-year-old grandson cooks with me but moves too fast for a real knife. He made an entire salad with this brilliant, beautifully made knife. Fit his hands and he was a whiz right away using it because of the smart design. Every child should have one. Shipping was fast. Packaging was great." —graceannemchugh

    Get it from JUstenbois on Etsy for $16.74.

    23. Beaded earrings that'll add a *jolt* to any of your outfits — even if it's one you've worn time and time again.

    blue beaded lightning bolt earrings

    24. A ghost-shaped bath bomb, perfect for anyone who is looking to invigorate their skin with a raspberry- and vanilla-scented bomb that's infused with rose quartz which is said to heighten your sense of self-love.

    a pink ghost-shaped bath bomb

    25. A gourd-geous sweater that'll be the crowning jewel of your autumn wardrobe — how could it not be???

    a model in a brown sea isle sweater with a pumpkin design on it

    26. A 500-piece puzzle featuring a beachy design you'll be glad you purchased when you're stuck indoors during a blizzard and need a time-consuming activity.

    a malibu and mermaid themed puzzle

    27. Fall-themed hoops you can wear with all of the new sweaters you'll inevitably add to your collection this season.

    the different seasonal charms on gold hoops

    28. A bookmark book tracker that'll motivate you to actually settle down and read the novel your book club decided on for this month. After you finish a book you can add the title into the spine on the bookmark and color it in — adorable.

    The bookmark

    29. A handmade felt mobile inspired by pop culture favorites like Pokémon, Pixar's UP, and so many more. A must-have for anyone looking for something that'll soothe their tyke as they drift off to sleep and perfectly accent their nursery theme.

    30. A gingham pet collar that'll rival Dorothy's iconic look and ensure your pup is always photo ready.

    a yorkie in a tan gingham collar
    Harry Barker

    Harry Barker is a small business that has been selling pet products since 1997! All of the products are made with sustainable, recyclable materials.

    Promising review: "We are on the second collar for my dog of this exact style in red. She's a crazy pup who took her collar through mud over and over. After a year we had to finally retire it and get a new one, but couldn't part with the design. We love this brand and collar!" —Alison B.

    Get it from Harry Barker for $24 (available in sizes S–L and four colors).

    31. A Madame Leota throw pillow to impress any true Disney fans or hitchhiking ghosts who visit your home.

    a tan throw pillow with an illustration of madame leota as a tarot card

    32. A teething ring made of silicone and wood, starring a cute lil' giraffe who will keep your baby company while they chew away and relieve some of the unpleasant feelings in their gums.

    The silicone and wood giraffe teething rings in pastel colors

    33. A candle in honor of autumn for anyone who appreciates nothing more than the seasonal scent of pumpkin spice lingering through their home.

    a candle with an orange label on it that says "basic witch, pretty sure my blood type is pumpkin spice"

    34. A Harry Potter-inspired swaddle blanket that'll get you tons of Instagram likes (that's why people have babies, right?) and also encourage your tyke's love of magic from the start.

    35. And a set of three reusable beeswax wraps in a gorgeous floral print to add some *pizzazz* to your leftovers or homemade PB&J lunch.

    a floral beeswax wrapper

    Rockin' your new Pikachu scrunchie like:

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