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    According To The Rave Reviews, These 37 Toys Will Keep Kids Entertained For Hours

    All we can ask for as parents is just a few moments of quiet while our kids are entertained.

    1. Silly Poopy's Hide and Seek — which is pretty much exactly what you'd think it is. It's a rainbow-colored, light-up poop-shaped toy littles can take turns hiding throughout the house. It'll shout out clues and play a song when it's finally found!

    A GIF of the multi-colored plastic Silly Poopy lighting up
    John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

    What Do You Meme? is a small business that sells card games/toys, plushies, and pool floats.

    Promising review: "This game is HILARIOUS. My kids love playing with it and taking turns hiding it (8, 6, and 3 years). They all think poop is funny and run around yelling 'Silly Poopy, where are you?' It keeps them busy for at least half an hour at a time and they leave me alone. Also? It's pretty durable. I found it outside in my garden in the 20-degree winter weather. I guess my 8-year-old left it out there for a few days. It also gets thrown down the stairs and Silly Poopy just keeps on giggling and having fun." —Adele

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    2. Crayola Globbles, a fun lil' toy they can use to burn off some steam when they need a quick mental break from their homework. Don't worry, they won't leave residue on your walls.

    Six colored balls in yellow packaging
    Reviewer's video showing the sticky balls sliding down the wall
    Reviewer holding the balls in pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue colors

    Promising review: "If you wanna keep children busy for hours, get these. You can’t beat this price for that many and they are reusable and washable. Just rinse them and rub them under the water and they are like new again. Our 1- and 3-year-old love them. Highly recommend these products." —E2j2c4

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $9.97+ (also available in a pack of 16).

    3. A splash-proof kids smartwatch with the ability to take videos, pictures, and selfies kids can customize with built-in funny filters. They won't be reaching for your watch anymore, now will they???

    6-year-old wearing the watch
    model smiling and taking a selfie on the watch

    Promising review: "Super cute and easy to work for my 5-year-old. He loves that he can match mom now! It has games already installed, can take pictures, exercise, and lots more. Entertainment for HOURS!! And you can even change the watch face like an Apple Watch! So cool!" —Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $37.34+ (available in five colors).

    4. A 3D printing pen kids, teens, and adults alike will be in awe of after they see how freakin' cool it is to make their own drawings come to life.

    3d drawn chess piece
    a pen that doodles in 3D

    Promising review: "This pen is SUPER COOL!!! My tweens are loving it! I actually am having fun with it too! I thought it is like a magical crayon!!! It is easy to use and you can create endless creations. You don't have to be an 'artist' to use. You just have to have a great imagination! Has kept my daughters entertained for hours. So happy with the purchases. Bought one for each of my daughters. Would recommend to anyone." —Whoopie Pie

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

    5. An arts and crafts library chock full of everything and anything to inspire your little one to create something fantastic and totally hang-on-the-fridge-worthy.

    the contents of the arts and crafts library laid out in fronts of its box

    The set includes fuzzy sticks, pom-poms, wood pieces, felt, craft sticks, sequins, wooden discs and beads, plastic beads, jewel stickers, googly eyes, thread, scissors, and glue for endless crafty combinations! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

    Promising review: "My 5-year-old granddaughter absolutely loved this gift from her old grandpa. Thoroughly entertaining, this 'library' provides many hours/days of critical thinking skills and creativity. She loves it — it was an excellent decision." —Brent

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    6. A color-your-own-castle playhouse you might think is an eyesore but won't care because your kids will have a blast going full-blown Picasso on it! Hand them some crayons or markers and let them them transform it into their own royal residence.

    Models coloring the cardboard haunted castle
    Reviewer showing the cardboard fairytale castle their children colored

    Don't forget the markers and crayons!

    Promising review: "My girls (2, 5) have spent hours and hours playing pretend in this castle. They work on decorating it gradually but often stop to just play. Easy to set up. Great price." —ElaFree

    Get it the haunted house version for $39.99 and the fairytale version for $33.99, both from Amazon.

    7. A marble run set that'll help kiddos work on their problem-solving skills while also having an a-maze-ing time crafting endless structures for their marbles to race through.

    8. Melissa & Doug ice cream station to encourage kiddos to indulge in some imaginative play — they can stack up the flavors and toppings and offer sweet treats to everyone in the house...delish!

    kid placing toppings on an ice cream cone
    reviewer's kid playing with the ice cream cones

    The wooden ice cream counter comes with eight ice cream scoops, six toppings, two cones, cup, scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, reusable menu card, and six pretend dollar bills.

    Promising review: "My newly turned 3-year-old daughter instantly fell in love with this set! She loves seeing how high she can stack the ice cream cones and pretending to serve Mom and Dad her creations. She's been obsessed with climbing things around the house and we *desperately* needed a distraction to get her to stop, and this is working so far — she plays with this thing for HOURS!" —West Family

    Get it from Amazon for $54.49.

    9. A Craft-tastic "Make a Fox Friend" kit that'll teach budding designers the basics of sewing and help them create a wardrobe for their new stuffed pal. (And they also will craft it themselves!)

    Child model holding felt fox doll
    Make a Fox Friend packaging and all included items

    Each kit comes with six garments, eight accessories, kid-friendly plastic needle, thread, a fox, and easy-to-follow instructions. For ages 5+.

    Craft-tastic is a woman-owned small business based in Michigan. All there products are focused on teaching kids new skills and limiting screen time.

    Promising review: "This craft was a hit! The fox was very easy to put together and it turned out so cute! You have to make the tutu by tying a bunch of knots but other than that all of the clothes are ready to go and do not require sewing! The fox came with a little fabric bag to conveniently store it for travel. The materials in the craft are good quality and hopefully will last a while. My daughter loved this little cute fox!" —Olivia O.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (also available in mouse, bunny, and koala versions).

    10. An affordable drone to take playtime to *~new heights~*. You might just find yourself reaching for the controller when your little tech-lover goes down for a nap.

    11. A wooden puzzle that'll help jumpstart your tyke's brain and encourage them to problem solve without having their eyes glued to a screen.

    The wooden puzzle
    Reviewer's photo showing their child working on the puzzle following a leaflet that shows different diagrams

    Reviewers say this is a great toy for all ages — from 3–12.

    Promising review: "Excellent for learning! Must-have! Such a wonderful toy/puzzle! Similar in some way to tangrams. Great for stimulating thinking and problem solving. My 3-year-old's teacher was blown away by her working the puzzle so easily." —tigerhax

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    12. A set of Crayola Scribble Scrubbie pets little ones can use over and over — they can color the lil' creatures all shades of the rainbow, toss 'em in the toy tub for a good scrubbing, then do it all again!

    13. A Bingo game that'll make teaching sight words to your kiddo a bit more fun-filled — they might even want to sit down and learn with you. (Can you imagine???)

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    14. A Dyson Ball toy vacuum with the ability to actually suck up the crackers your kiddo crushed into your carpet — it's about time they started helping around the house. 😉

    15. A set of Lego French Bulldogs so next time your kids ask for a pet, you can give them these to build.

    the Lego French bull dogs

    16. An LCD writing tablet that'll save you from constantly being asked "can you get me paper and markers?" Little ones can take this with them anywhere and create endless multicolored drawings that can be easily erased so they can draw something new whenever the mood strikes.