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    40 Things Even The Biggest Disney Fan Probably Doesn't Own Yet

    You won't need a fairy godmother to add more Disney magic into your life.

    1. A Disney ABC trinket box to hold all of your gadgets and gizmos while paying tribute to your favorite ride.

    2. Playful Star Wars beaded bracelets that are *totally* in right now and will likely become your favorite accessory.

    a set of four beaded bracelets spread out, one says leia, one says skywalker, one says star wars, and one says luke

    3. A personalized Disney Starbucks tumbler for anyone who can be found daydreaming about walking down Main Street USA with an iced coffee at any given moment.

    4. A Haunted Mansion magnet set that'll turn your boring fridge into a work of art any *ghost host* would respect.

    two sheets of magnets including an array of recognizable items from the haunted mansion ride

    5. A Persian rug with a hidden Mickey motif, so you can pull one over on your not-as-Disney-obsessed partner and secretly continue to fill your home with magic.

    6. A pullover starring baby Pegasus (!!!) who is *so* underrated when it comes to Disney merch — don't waste a moment of your time before splurging on this tribute to Hercules' bestie.

    a model wearing a white sweatshirt with an illustrated drawing of baby pegasus on it

    7. A fabulous oversized fan with a print of the iconic Spaceship Earth ball to help you *keep your cool* while also looking more chic than ever.

    the fan

    8. A Lilo and Stitch slow cooker you definitely didn't know you needed but will absolutely treasure for how much life it'll bring to your kitchen counter.

    a slow cooker with a light blue design of stitch as a chef/ eating snacks around it

    9. A pin board starring all of your favorite Disney locations, a must-have for anyone who has been well-versed in convincing others to trade them their most beloved pin since they first set foot in the Magic Kingdom as a kid.

    a wooden pin board with a cork middle featuring a design that says "and i think to myself what a wonderful world" accent by two mickey balloons, the bottom has icons from all four WDW parks

    10. A Disney Parks raincoat you'll love so much you'll find yourself wishing for the *rain rain rain* to come *down down down* a la The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

    11. A Ratatouille long sleeve you can wear while daydreaming about having your very own Remy to whip you up a delicious 5-star meal.

    a white long sleeve shirt with remy from ratatouille on it holding a spoon and looking out at the city

    12. Disney dogs face mask, in case you've been having a *ruff* time finding a mask you won't mind wearing all the time.

    three face masks in teal, purple, and pink with an all-over disney dogs print

    13. Or a face mask inspired by "It's a small world" featuring social distancing messaging that'll make any fan of the ride smile (even if no one else will see their grin behind *their* mask).

    the it's a small world inspired mask

    14. 101 Dalmatians scrunchies that'll look pawfect on you whether you wear one on your wrist for show or use it to toss your hair up into a messy bun before taking your pup on a walk.

    three scrunchies: one is black, one is white with black spots, one is red with Dalmatian puppies on it

    15. Stunning ears you'll want in every style because they are stylish and have been designed to prevent any headband-induced headaches you may have experienced in the past.

    16. A magical graphic tee to let you show off your obsession with both The Mouse *and* Taylor Swift — because why should you ever have to choose between the two?

    a model wearing a white tee shirt with a rainbow outline of mickey and lover written in script

    17. A stunning coffee table book for anyone with an eye for mid-century modern furniture and an interest in the history of Disney animation.

    18. A pin display backpack that'll solve the problem of *what* to actually do with all of the ones you've collected over the year.

    19. An intricate Jungle Cruise-inspired painting you can hang on your wall for a daily reminder of the painful, yet hilarious, dad jokes that roll off the Skippers' tongues.

    the illustration

    20. A Baby Yoda "brew buddy" that'll attach onto any reusable straw and keep you company while you fill your body with *the force* (coffee, duh).

    21. An illustration of your pet as a Disney character that'll likely become your most prized possession (or at the very least, your eternal phone wallpaper).

    to the left: an illustrated drawing of a golden retriever in a disney animation style, to the right: a photo of the dog the illustration was based on

    22. A Cinderella Castle embroidery kit, because if you're going to be watching Disney movies for hours on end you might as well keep your hands busy at the same time.

    a colorful cross stitch of cinderella castle

    23. An embroidered Orange Bird hat any true Disney fan will treasure because it's so darn hard to find truly adorable merch featuring this precious lil' guy!

    a light blue hat with an orange bird embroidered on it

    24. A Haunted Mansion-inspired sticker to add to the ever-growing collage on your laptop. Be careful! When you buy this a ghost might just follow you home ;).

    the sticker

    25. A Mama Coco enamel pin you'll love so much you'd never EVER consider trading it — not even for a super rare one.

    the enamel pin of mama coco as a skeleton

    26. An oversized Edna Mode-inspired pullover any true Incredibles fan will want in their closet. If she's not the reigning queen of Pixar I don't who would be, dahhhling.

    a grey pullover with black glasses on it that says "i never look back darling it distracts from the now" inside them

    27. A nameplate featuring the recognizable Disney font for a ~magical~ twist on a classic accessory.

    a gold necklace that says "madison" in a disney font

    28. Mulan-inspired leggings to bring honor to your loungewear — your ancestors will be so proud.

    mulan print leggings in red with lotus flowers and mushu on them

    29. Villainous, a must-have game for all Disney fans who typically prefer the likes of Maleficent, Ursula, and Jafar. Hope you've got your evil laugh prepared.

    the board game

    30. A "Mickey Monthly" subscription box to bring all of your favorite Disney Parks snacks (and other fun treats) into your home, so you can really indulge during your next Disney+ marathon.

    a box filled with various disney snacks

    31. A colorful 14-quart cooler you can fill with a bottle of blue milk before you head off to a galaxy far, far away (AKA your backyard).

    a yellow cooler with colored squares on it featuring star wars characters

    32. A sequined cross-body to help you pay tribute to the most-used Pixar Easter Egg — it can be found somewhere throughout all of the films!

    a model wearing a sequin crossbody bag that looks like the iconic ball

    33. And Disney-inspired coffee beans that'll help bring the magic of the Parks into your kitchen (BRB while I take a mental vacation to Magic Kingdom).

    a bag of coffee inspired by disney's enchanted tiki room

    34. A mug to combine your love of Disney memes with your attempt at staying caffeinated at all times. Beware: your roomie will want to steal this mug from you.

    one side of a mug with a scary version of ursula that says "before coffee" the other side has a nicer looking version of her that says "after coffee"

    35. A bewitching candle inspired by Madame Leota's crystal ball that'll *raise your spirits*.

    a purple glittery candle with a brown label that says "madame leota's crystal ball"

    36. A Monsters "Ink" shirt for anyone who loves both Disney *and* their tattoos.

    two models: one is is showing the front of the shirt in black with a monsters "ink" logo and a scary version of sully, the other shows the back that says "monsters ink tattoo shop we scar because we care"

    37. A set of prints that'll add some ~Pixar pizazz~ to your living room.

    six different posters showcasing pixar films

    38. A Mickey-shaped rope tray to add a subtle Disney accent to your living room *and* help you keep track of your many remotes.

    the mickey shaped rope tray

    39. A motivational Pixar bath mat that'll keep your toes nice 'n' toasty when you step out of the shower *and* inspire you to dream big.

    40. And a mountain of Disney Princess stickers, so you can continue to cover every inch of your laptop and water bottle with magic.

    a model holding up a sticker of all the disney princesses over a pile of stickers

    Bibbidi bobbidi...bye, I'm going shopping.

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