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Things Broadway Performers Can Do That Us Normal Folks Can Only Dream Of

These are the reasons Broadway fans are willing to pay to see these shows

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Over at Pippin / Via

They walk down stairs on their hands... / Via

They jump through hoops 6ft in the air... / Via*musicals

And they just achieve overall acrobatic magic

Inside the Broadway Theatre at Cinderella / Via

Need I say more?

At Newsies / Via

The boys are dancing like the whole world is watching

Let's not forget the vocals...

View this video on YouTube


Whether it is opera (Phantom of the Opera)

View this video on YouTube


Weirdly talented kids (Matilda)

View this video on YouTube


or in heels (Kinky Boots)

let's face it... we all wish he had even a molecule of the talent these performers have...

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