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14 Things That Happen At A Katy Perry Concert

I went to Katy Perry's Prismatic tour on Friday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and this is what I learned.

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1. There will be blue wigs aplenty.

In Brooklyn, there were wigs in green, pink, yellow, and whatever other color Katy Perry may have worn at some point in her existence. But the most popular color was definitely the royal blue from the Teenage Dream-era, which was worn by what seemed like a million Katy Cats, adults, and kids alike.

2. Katy will act like a long-lost Disney princess.

At one point in the show, Perry comes out on stage to sing a few low-key songs, but not before "watering her garden" with glitter and making her opener Ferras (whom she just signed to her new record label) "grow" to do a duet with her. Her onstage presence is like Snow White if she were just a tad more self-deprecating, and sometimes you'll wonder if you're at an arena concert or a Disney theme park show.

3. She will be down to take selfies.

She took more than a few duckface photos and grabbed what look like a month's worth of fan mail (yes, people actually write PHYSICAL LETTERS sometimes.) Don't worry, nosebleed fans: Katy shouted up to the high seats too.

4. She will express her love for her fans all night long.

Perry has some serious love for her Katy Cats, which is what she calls her biggest fans and also "people who have fun." "I go on Twitter sometimes, and I check you out," she said in Brooklyn. At one point, she made her fans raise their pinkies and promise they would "never break up with her" and thanked them for being with her for so long.

5. Everything. Will Be. A. Rainbow.

What else would you even expect?

6. There will be a cat-themed fashion show to Madonna's "Vogue."


7. There will be jump-roping in the dark.

All in heels, no less.

8. She might go a little Neil deGrasse Tyson on everyone.

Right before her performance of "Dark Horse" and "E.T." in Brooklyn, screens on stage projected an animation of the cosmos that eventually morphed into a star-map of Katy Perry's face as she whispered about the creation of the universe. Someone get her a Discovery Channel special, please.

9. There will be many outfit changes, from hot pink catsuits to butterfly-covered gowns.

#Goals, honestly.

10. You will go to Egypt.

Well, maybe not Egypt, but you get to experience Katy Perry's cartoonish depiction of Ancient Egypt, which is filled with a larger-than-life animated version of Juicy J's head, mummies who want to kiss Katy Perry, and animatronic horses.

11. She will ask if it's your first time.

This is how she reacted after asking people if they'd seen her before. Don't we all hide in the nearest cat tower when we're embarrassed? Katy, you're such a goof.

12. She will celebrate your birthday...

She sings "Birthday" to one lucky person who has a birthday in the month she performs. Emphasis on LUCKY.

13. ...and there will be what feels like A GAZILLION balloons.

Ain't no party like a Perry party.

14. Above all: You WILL dance your ass off.

Even if you didn't go in intending to. BECAUSE THIS IS HOW WE DO.

A previous version of the article misspelled a nickname for Katy Perry fans. They are called Katy Cats, not Katy Kats.