How Much Of A Douche Are You At Shows?

For the beer-spillers, the iPad enthusiasts, and the very tall people.

  1. Have you ever...
    1. 1 cut in line for tickets?
    2. 2 fought with the bouncer?
    3. 3 sat on the floor in the crowd before the show?
    4. 4 stood in front of whoever, no matter how short they are?
    5. 5 not helped people in the pit?
    6. 6 hated crowdsurfers?
    7. 7 started a mosh pit no matter what the show is?
    8. 8 gotten mad at people for dancing at a show that does call for dancing?
    9. 9 didn’t really pay attention to people’s personal space?
    10. 10 got handsy with people you don’t know in general?
    11. 11 sang along to every single song?
    12. 12 had loud conversations and talked during the show?
    13. 13 made fun of the openers?
    14. 14 shot video?
    15. 15 screamed requests?
    16. 16 took a lot of photos?
    17. 17 used an iPad?
    18. 18 texted a lot during the show?
    19. 19 gotten excessively drunk?
    20. 20 spilled drinks everywhere/on people?
    21. 21 heckled the bands?
    22. 22 thrown things at the bands?
    23. 23 talked during quiet sets?
    24. 24 didn’t tip the bartender if there is one?
    25. 25 never offered to buy your friend a drink?
    26. 26 worn a large hat?
    27. 27 worn open-toed shoes?
    28. 28 charged to the front of the room/stage right when the show starts?
    29. 29 pushed through the crowd to fit into pockets of space?
    30. 30 made out with your bae a lot?
    31. 31 kept your blunt just to yourself?
    32. 32 ignored the performer’s requests to wave, clap, chant, etc?
    33. 33 hated under-agers at underage shows?
    34. 34 gotten on stage even if you haven’t been asked?
    35. 35 not left the stage even when you’ve been asked?
    36. 36 worn a huge backpack?
    37. 37 brought an umbrella to an outdoor show or festival?
    38. 38 never danced?
    39. 39 thought you’re the biggest fan at the show?
    40. 40 quizzed people on band trivia around you to see if you really ARE the biggest fan at the show?

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