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21 Super Interesting And Fun Websites To Get You Through Weeks Of Social Distancing

Stave off boredom.

1. MapCrunch

Go on an adventure without leaving your home — because you can't! This site plops you down in a random location on the globe, and all that's left to do is explore.

2. Paper Toilet

Just because stores are sold out of toilet paper doesn't mean you have to live without. This site features some interactive TP that you can roll up or down.

3. News of Future

This site was made in 2012 to predict what headlines might look like in the future. The idea was fun enough back then, but now that we're actually in the future, it's way more interesting.

4. Bees! Bees! Bees!

It's literally just that video someone made of Oprah releasing bees, but it fills the whole screen and repeats on loop. Personally, I'm glad that this website exists — it's brought me a surprising amount of joy.

5. Scream Into the Void

Take your outrage about our current situation (or any problem in your life) and throw it into the void. Just type out your feels and then click the "Scream" button, which does exactly what you think it does.

6. The Wayback Machine

Check out how your favorite websites looked before they got all ~sleek~. Type in a URL, choose a date, and the Wayback Machine will show you a screenshot of the site from that particular day in history.

7. Star Atlas

If you live in a place with light pollution, it's probably been a sec since you've seen a constellation. Thankfully, Star Atlas has come through with a digital view of the night sky at your location.

8. 2048

This website lets you play a game called 2048, which is kinda like Tetris but with addition. Use your arrow keys to try to combine numbers until you reach 2048, or go ~beyond~ and try to reach 4096.

9. Zoom Quilt

If you're looking to be hypnotized, then check out this site, which is basically a picture that infinitely zooms in to reveal new pictures.

10. Freerice

For every correct answer you get on this vocab quiz, "sponsors donate the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice" to the United Nations World Food Programme. It's charitable procrastination.

11. MuscleWiki

MuscleWiki provides an interactive diagram of all the muscles you aren't moving now that you're confined to your apartment. Just click on a muscle, and the site will suggest ways to exercise it.

12. Internet Live Stats

"Everyone's on the internet" is a common expression, but this site will tell you — in real time — exactly how many people are actually on the internet. Spoiler alert: It's everyone.

13. This Is Sand

You know those colorful sand art jars that we had as kids? This site just reinvented them for the digital age. Click and drag your mouse to make designs out of a rainbow of sands.

14. Radio Garden

Take a trip 'round the world's airwaves! Just pick a city — literally any city — and Radio Garden will play you whatever its local radio station is broadcasting. BRB, listening to Turkish pop.

15. Radiooooo

Radio Garden walked so Radiooooo could run. This site adds a timeline function so you can listen to radio from not just anywhere, but anywhen. Get down to those 1910s Russian bops!

16. The Passive-Aggressive Password Machine

Type a password (real or fake) into this site and it'll shade you for how much it sucks.

17. HuffPost Weird News

HuffPost dedicates an entire section of their site to "weird news," aka headlines that makes you do a double take to ensure they're not satire. Needless to say, there's no shortage of content.


This interactive site lets you color what looks to be a map of the cosmos, but I'm honestly not sure. Whatever it is, it's mesmerizing.

19. My Fridge Food

At this point, your fridge probs has, like, three random items in it, and you're starting to panic about meal options. Enter My Fridge Food, which inputs everything you have in your kitchen and outputs a recipe. Bless.


Careful with this one — if you're prone to seizures, don't click. This site is a daydream/nightmare of dogs running across a rainbow background that reads "DOGS" over and over. Why, you ask? More like why not.

21. Dildo Generator

Welcome, good citizens of the web, to my favorite site of all time. It's right in the name: You can generate a custom dildo by length, width, base, contours, and so many more variables. Things get wild pretty fast.