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This 8-Step "Bachelor" Date Simulation Will Reveal How Far You'd Actually Make It On The Show

Private concert or airplane ride?

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  1. The date card is here, and you finally got a one-on-one! Choose a daytime outfit:

  2. An SUV picks you up from the mansion and drives you to your first activity. What is it?

  3. Next, the Bachelor takes you out to enjoy the local cuisine. What do you eat and drink?

  4. You see a group of locals gathered on the street and decide to join them. What are they doing?

  5. You and the Bachelor have a passionate makeout session in public. Where does the PDA take place?

  6. Now you're headed to the classic candlelit dinner. Pick an evening outfit:

  7. It's time for you both to share your personal struggles. What's yours?

  8. Having bared your souls, you're ready to discuss the state of your relationship. How are things going?

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