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Things Welsh People Get Sick Of Hearing.

Wether just over the Severn Bridge or in far-flung countries, you're bound to have heard these before...

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"So can you sing, then?"

"Go on, say 'Mulder and Scully!"

"Have you met Tom Jones/Catherine Zeta Jones?"

"How can you you live in Wales but not live in a valley?"

"I won't mention the whole 'sheep' thing *wink*"

"Yeah, but it's like FACT that nobody speaks Welsh there!"

"Llareggub? Yeah I've been there. It's a dive!"

"It rains in Wales constantly, admit it"

"I bet you've partied with that Charlotte Church, eh?"

"Which part of England is that?"

"Are you guys, like, Irish or something?"

"Yeah but you all hate English people."

"But 'LL' isn't even a letter!"

"I can speak Welsh! "Head-loo!'"

"You lot USED to be good at rugby..."

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