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15 Signs That You Need A New Job

It only gets worse.

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1. You show up for you're first day like this.

Work it.

2. Six months later it's more like this...


Someone save me!

3. You start taking breaks every 15 minutes.


I just need to stretch my legs...

4. This is you at every office party.


What is my life???

5. On weekends you associate with NO ONE from work.

Warner Bros.

Work friends? I have no work friends.

6. Playing pranks becomes a daily activity.

Wanna see something funny?

7. Your boss is the devil.


When did I enter the 7th circle of hell?

8. You only pretend to work. You actually sit around for eight hours reading about cats or watching videos about cats.


Yes. Work. I do that.

9. How long you have until you get to leave is all you can think about.

Screen Gems

In two hours i'll only have five hours left! I've only been here for an hour???

10. Sundays become your last 'hurrah' because you know your week is going to suck.


Until next week.

11. You know what Cynthia, your cubicle buddy, has for lunch every day of the week.


How about you switch it up, Cynthia.

12. The smallest things get you excited.


I get to leave 15 minutes early!! Lessss gooooo!

13. You are completely dead inside.


I am nothing.

14. Finally, crying about work is one of your most popular past times.


When will it end!

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