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This Is How To React When Someone Touches Your Goddamn Screen

Big mistake. Huge.

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1. All you did was ask if they knew where that tool was in Photoshop Elements.

The Big Bang Theory / CBS / Via

2. All you said was "Did you see what this guy said on Twitter?" and they came over to look at your screen in real life.

Black Books / Big Talk / Via


3. All you did was miss an apostrophe, and they said: "You've missed an apostrophe there, mate" and pointed.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers / Allied Artists Pictures / Via

4. They just needed to say "click on the Expert tab" and this never would have happened.

Screen Media Ventures / Via

5. They could have looked at Twitter on their own screen all the way over there.

The Office / NBC / Via

"That guy on Twitter, amirite?"

6. They could have let you look like a DICK who doesn't understand apostrophes.

Zoolander / Village Roadshow Pictures / Via


7. They touched the screen.

The Decoy Bride / Isle of Man Film / Via

8. "Click here," they said. "On the Expert tab."

"I'll click YOU here on the Expert tab."

9. With their finger.

10. Their disgusting human finger.

Seinfeld / NBC / Via

11. And, like:

WCVB / Via

12. Why.

Dawn of the Dead / Laurel Group Inc. / Via

13. Now you have to ~throw down~

Rocky IV / MGM / Via

14. BUT

The 5th Element / Gaumont / Via

15. NO

Game of Thrones / HBO / Via

16. JURY

Fight Club / Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

17. IN

Jerry Springer / NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

18. THE

Xena: Warrior Princess / MCA Television / Via

19. LAND

RuPaul's Drag Race / World of Wonder Productions / Via

20. WILL

American Psycho / Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation / Via


Rambo: First Blood Part II / Anabasis Investments / Via

22. YOU

Rambo First Blood / Anabasis Investments / Via

23. "Just... Just pass me a fucking wipe."

The Great Gatsby / Village Roadshow Pictures / Via
Kill Bill / Miramax / Via