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    Comic Artists Can’t Stop Drawing “Mad Max: Fury Road” And The Results Are Brilliant

    No one wants to draw anything that isn't Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Nux, or Max.


    BREAKING: Release of every single damn comic book in June and July delayed due to artists not drawing nothing but Furiosa for, like, weeks.

    ICYMI: Every comic artist on the internet is using "warm-up sketches" as an excuse to draw their favourite bits from Mad Max: Fury Road.

    1. Jamie McKelvie's Furiosa.

    2. Stacey Lee's Furiosa.

    Not what I was supposed to be doing, but way more funnnn 💀💣🔫💥🔥 #MadMaxFuryRoad #ImperatorFuriosa #madmax #furiosa

    3. Simon Gurr's Furiosa

    4. Cameron Stewart's Immortan Joe

    5. Simon Gurr's Immortan Joe

    6. Oh hey look, another Furiosa (by Emmy Cicierega)

    7. Simon Gurr's Keeper of the Seeds

    9. Furiosa! (By Becky Cloonan)

    10. Faith Erin Hicks' Max.

    11. Cameron Stewart's Furiosa

    12. (Cameron Stewart can't stop drawing Furiosa.)

    (So Tyson Hesse went and coloured it for him.)

    WOW!!!! “@boxerhockey: @cameronMstewart Didn't need color, but I couldn't resist. ”

    Next week's warm-up sketches will also be Mad Max: Fury Road because everyone's going to see Mad Max: Fury Road again. And again.

    FYI: Vertigo are doing a line of Fury Road comics – the Furiosa one-shot is out next month. (None of the artists above are in it but they should be.)