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36 Things That Will Always Happen At A Comic Convention

You will become eater-of-Haribo, devourer-of-undercooked-pizzas.

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4. There will be someone wearing a T-shirt advertising "free hugs".

They'll be playing a ukulele at you while you wait, regardless of your facial expression.


6. You will get so excited once you finally get in that you will buy something huge you have to carry around all day.

Star Trek: TNG / Paramount / Via

Did you really need this 14" Enid Coleslaw doll? Did you? (The answer is yes.)


12. You will sit beside a man hastily and noisily sewing the last bits of his costume together during a panel.

You won't explicitly ask if it's a sex thing but you'll make a mental note to google it later.


13. An actor who played a minor role in a big film will suffer public heartbreak on stage.

The Simpsons / 20th Century Fox / Via

The first Q. in the Q&A will be: "Uhm...*tap tap*...Which, uh, which guy were you?"

15. A panel will be cancelled because it didn't have enough women in it, and the man who called for it to be cancelled will think he is Jesus.

16. There will be a lot of this.

19. There'll be at least five of these.

20. This guy won't take off his coat when he gets inside.

21. Weekend pass = more than one costume.

25. You'll see entire families in cosplay.


27. You'll miss a lot of the stuff you wanted to see because you'll be in an alleyway taking important photographs.

31. You will meet someone from Stargate, Star Trek: TNG, a lesser known ape, or a minor Goonie.

Harry Potter / Warner Bros.

They'll be charging £10 for a photo but you'll opt for a creepshot from 50 feet away.

32. You'll meet Lou Ferrigno in your hotel lobby.

You're statistically more likely to meet Lou Ferrigno than any other actor in your hotel lobby even if he's not a guest at this convention.


33. You'll see someone you've admired for years looking lost and you'll be too shy to help them.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer / 20th Century Fox / Via

It will haunt you for all time. As far as you know, Leonard Nimoy remained lost until he died.

36. You will get sick but you'll die happy.

Parks and Recreation / Universal Television / Via

There's no way of avoiding con crud. You're sharing this with fellow fans, comic book creators, and probably that actress you like in Game of Thrones.