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14 Steve Buscemi Gifs That Fit Any Mood

How do you do, fellow kids?

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1. When your friends are out having a good time and you're stuck at home.

Tumblr / Via

2. When you have 5 essays due by tomorrow and you've just accepted death.

Giphy / Via

3. When you're at a social event you'd rather not be at and someone brings the attention to you.


4. When you see your friend talking to the boy she's been boasting about for months.

Giphy / Via

5. When the guy you hate tries argue that the Black Album is basically Hamlet.


6. When it's Monday.

7. When you're showing your friend your favorite movie and they complain.


8. When you finally cut that toxic person out of your life.

Billy Madison

9. When you see someone fine.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

10. When someone just doesn't like spaghetti and meatballs.

Big Daddy

11. When you talk to people a year younger than you.


12. When your whole life just casually falls apart.

Reservoir Dogs

13. When you get new lipstick.

Billy Madison

14. When you get the new iPhone and show it off to your friends.


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