9 Divas And Their Sailor Scout Conterparts

These Femme Fatals be workin’ it out like the Japanese animated princesses of our solar system.

Sailor Uranus

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Cause honestly, who else would come at you with a chainsaw?

2. Rihanna as…

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Sailor Neptune

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Cause you know Rihanna’s going for that Deep Submerge in “Stay.”

3. La Minaj as…

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Sailor Pluto

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Occasionally makes an appearance from the outer realm of bad taste. But no one’s really paying attention unless it she’s collaborating with Sailor Moon.

4. Miley “Twerking” Cyrus as…

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Sailor Saturn

No one understands your frustration. Or self expression. Or anything you did after Hannah Montana.

5. Taylor Swift as…

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Sailor Venus

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Cause no one’s as thirsty for love as you, girl!

6. Katy Perry as…

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Sailor Jupiter

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Cause they both love their tasty cake pastries. (But Jupiter is known for baking them.)

7. Lady Gaga as…

Sailor Mercury

You may be odd at times, but we love you! And the scouts would be lost without your shining brilliance.

8. Xtina as…

Getttt it!

Sailor Mars

There’s only one diva that can pack all that fire.

9. And the one and only Godney as…

She is infinite… she is eternal….

Sailor Moon

There can only be one princess in both worlds.


Britney be all up on her Moon Tiara Magic

Sailor Mars says…

Via Tumblr

Cause you know it’s real.

Sailor Mercury ain’t playin’ games with y’all

Via Tumblr

Cause we all know…

Britney be killin’ em

Dealt with.

Bravo, you flawless leader

Via Tumblr

It’s over.

10. But we can’t forget about our Tuxedo Mask


Who would obvi be JT

Don’t we all want this in the end?

11. And then there is Queen Serenity

Porcelain skin, diamond hair - werk it mami!

Attention universe, MDNA has arrived

Don’t you EVER change!

12. Princess Mini Moon

Who knows! Only time will tell.
Who do you think the next Britney will be?

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