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    • haydeng3

      Rebecca: if you think the mistreatment of Native peoples ended with the Trail of Tears, then you were obviously skipping history class. The way the US continues to treat (or, rather, ignore) Native & indigenous communities is disgusting: poor healthcare and education keeps most Native people in cyclical poverty. (Not to mention the hostage-taking tactics employed in Congress to delay critical VAWA funds form reaching these communities.) So, yes, actually. The Trail of Tears is still happening and it’s a contemporary moral problem. Side note: you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to Israel. They receive hundreds of millions in money and arms from the US and, in return, get to behave like an Apartheid state. Any supposed ‘criticism’ they receive is well-deserved and certainly not coming from Obama or his administration, which continues to supply Israel despite.

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