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  • Robert Downey, Jr. Calls Gwyneth Paltrow A Snob

    Robert Downey, Jr. got himself into a bit of hot water with Gwyneth Paltrow calling her a snob. Paltrow did not take the insult well and playfully slapped the actor. The incident occurred in London during an Iron Man 3 press call when Paltrow was asked about the action movie, she responded by saying, “Everybody loved it. Including myself. I was really surprised…” before Downey Jr. cut her off and said, “Shocked?” Followed by “You’re such a snob.” This isn’t the first time Downey made fun of the actress. Read what else he called her at haveuheard.net

  • Harry Styles Calls Taylor Swift A Pain In The Arse

    Harry Styles has resorted to calling his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift naughty names. In the upcoming documentary of One Direction’s life on the road, the singer, who clearly is still a teenager (19), is calling his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, a pain in the arse. Also known as ass.

  • Justin Bieber Says No To Rehab

    Justin Bieber went on another rant. This time on instagram saying he doesn’t need rehab. He’s 19 and successful so he doesn’t need help. Really Justin. If you are doing drugs then you need rehab. End. Of. Story. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or if you are a money machine - you need to be drug free.

  • Is Breast Milk A Cure For Psoriasis?

    With Kim Kardashian claiming breast milk helped her psoriasis, we decided to do some research and see if breast milk is a home remedy for the skin condition and what else it could cure.

  • Justn Bieber Was Raped??

    Mariah Yeater is claiming to have given birth to Justin Bieber’s child. She is also claiming that she took his virginity (in less than 30 seconds). By making these claims, that have not yet been confirmed, she is also saying she raped the pop star. At the time of alleged sexual intercourse, Justin was 16-years-old and Mariah was 19-years-old. View Image ›

  • Kourtney Kardashian & Family Out In The Park

    Reality stars Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick bring their son Mason to Madison Square Park in New York City. Mason is already taking after his mother and aunts as he waves to the cameras. Mason went on the slide and

  • Kelly Osbourne Flashes Underwear

    While taking a seat at the Material Girl Fashion Show, Osbourne gave fans a view of her underwear. I’m not sure what it is with celebrities getting caught with their undies showing. Perhaps a lesson on how to sit down without flashing people is in order? View Image ›

  • Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Paddleboarding in Maui

    Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio spent a sunny morning in a tiny bikini on the beach in Maui today. The 30-year-old model was showing off her super toned body while paddle-boarding in the crystal blue waters. Yesterday, Alessandra,

  • Is Bow Wow a Deadbeat Dad??/ Bow Wow Premieres ‘S— On My Mind’ Video

    Which hip-hop artist drove up to his agent’s office in a $200,000 car, wearing a $50,000 wristwatch, to beg for money because he’s “dead broke” and needed $5,000 for child support? This blind item was in the NYPost and Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa Caldwell managed to link his name to the deadbeat dad post. She quickly defended

  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Getting Divorced?

    In the wake of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s announcement that they are getting divorced there is another couple preparing to announce that they too are getting divorced. Rumor has it the next couple is Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

  • 7 Surprising Facts About Mila Kunis

    We have surprising facts about the new ‘it’ girl in Hollywood, Mina Kunis. With her new movie coming out, Friends With Benefits and her GQ Cover she is everywhere. I bet there are still some things you don’t know about Mila Kunis and some surprising facts too!!

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