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  • Why A Justice League Film Would Flop If It Came Out In 2015

    The question on many minds at comic con was “when are they going to announce the Justice League film” and when it was finally announced that instead of a Justice League film a Batman vs Superman film will introduce the film. Warner Brothers did this for a reason. And that reason is that if they did make a justice league film it would flop. Why? 1) It would be seen as a panic to keep up with Marvel. 2) Every comic book reader would know what’s going on and who’s who but for the fans that don’t read comics it would be very confusing and they would be put off in seeing it. 3) Everyone think Batman and Superman are very good friends! They aren’t seriously. This is why a Batman vs Superman film is being made, To destroy this idiotic rumor. 4) It would make no sense a bunch of random superheroes from around the world just randomly becoming friends and saving the world. What? 5) It would FLOP because if Batman vs Superman didn’t happen it WOULD HAVE TO BE a ORIGIN STORY..AHhhhh!! Everyone hates movies like that.

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