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21 Tweets For Cat People, Dog People, And All People

"When your human says 'who's a good boy' and you already know it's you."

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1. This studious pup.

me: *pretends to throw ball* where's the ball?? dog:

2. This dog who is done with politics.

This is Lucy. She destroyed not one, but two remotes trying to turn off the debate. 11/10 relatable af

3. This kitty who knows where he belongs.

4. And this proud, handsome chap.

He got his chest out like he's the real scoobert doobert.


5. This pair who are off for an adventure.

6. This well-informed member of the public.

8. And this fella who's seen it all.

good boy? i haven't heard that name in years...


9. This confused little pupper.

11. This brave alliance.


14. This confident chap.

When ur human says "who's a good boy" and u already know it's u

15. This happy family.

I, a large wrinkle, have made these smaller wrinkles.

16. And this lucky birthday girl.

Every problem I've ever had disappeared straight after I saw this


19. This cute couple who prove that love is real.

They've been dating for more than a year now