23 Times John Krasinski Was The Internet Boyfriend Of Your Dreams

    *looks at the camera like I'm Jim from The Office*

    1. When he grew a Beard™:

    2. When he read out this mean tweet about himself:

    3. When he spoke warmly about what it was like to work as a director with Emily Blunt:

    4. When he mocked his wife's accent and still came off endearing:

    5. When he and Emily reacted adorably to appraisal from fans:

    6. When he was ridiculously cute with the cast of The Office:

    7. When he came up with this interesting celebrity couple's name:

    8. When he had a massively relatable existential crisis over this question:

    9. When he showed us all what he'd look like as a dinosaur, just in case you were wondering:

    10. When he asked an irrefusable question...

    11. ...in an impossibly polite manner:

    12. When he revealed that he loves The Devil Wears Prada just as much as the rest of us:

    13. When he gave the performance of a lifetime on Lip Sync Battle:

    14. And when he returned for yet another triumphant performance:

    15. Whenever he and Emily Blunt had the audacity to look THIS good on the red carpet:

    16. And continued to look THAT good pretty much wherever:

    17. When he met Malala Yousafzai and spoke about the importance of female empowerment:

    18. When he lost his cool and couldn't help but laugh while filming The Office:

    19. And somehow thought hiding his face would help:

    20. When he was open about some of his less prideful moments:

    21. When he knew what the people wanted and he gave it to them:

    22. When he revealed that his daughter was taking after him as a comedian:

    23. Aaaand of course, when he gifted us all with the Jim face to treasure forever and ever: