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23 Ugly Medieval Cat Paintings That Will Speak To Your Soul

Life was simpler when cats had eyebrows.

1. This medieval cat is repulsive and he knows it.

2. This 15th century cat's eyebrow game is seriously outdated.

3. This cat is tired and ugly, and just wants to play the bagpipes in peace.

4. This grim kitty single-handedly dismantled the patriarchy.

5. This cat's face is simply ridiculous.

6. This French cat just caught its reflection and has to face the reality that he isn't a sexy beast.

7. Boy, this cat is awful.

8. Why are these cats so alarmingly ugly?

9. Okay, we all know this is a baby pretending to be a cat.

10. Genetics were not kind to this Middle Age kitty.

11. This cat KNOWS what you did when you thought no one was looking.

12. This hideous cat has just been appointed bishop.

13. This snat (snail cat) is actually kind of beautiful.

14. This is an otter, not a cat. But look at it.

15. This cat is aimlessly looking into the abyss for an answer to a meaningless existence.

16. This unsightly 14th century cat has taken to the skies.

17. This banjo playing, semi-clothed cat is heinous AND sad.

18. This gothic cat isn't that repugnant. Well done.

19. This beautiful dog is baffled by the presence of such an ugly fucking creature.

20. Here we see a German king with his ugly but buff servants.

21. This orphaned kitty is accompanied by a nurturing monkey.

22. This cat resembles a dog.

23. And this cat is uncomfortable in its shell of a body.