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    27 Of The Funniest "SpongeBob SquarePants" Lines Ever

    Am I a prettttty girl?

    1. When SpongeBob finally learned the truth about his neighbour:

    2. When Patrick enlightened SpongeBob with this grammar lesson:

    3. When Spongebob encountered a language barrier:

    4. When he was concerned about the public effect of his appearance:

    5. When he got the endearing approval he sought:

    6. When Patrick came up with the best way to deal with your worries:

    7. When Spongebob played this legendary April Fools' prank:

    8. When SpongeBob succumbed to peer pressure:

    9. When he really didn't want to participate:

    10. When Bikini Bottom residents kept slandering Squidward's last name:

    11. When Patrick asked the most brutal questions in history:

    12. When SpongeBob and Patrick went alien hunting and stumbled upon this:

    13. When Squidward's patience for a gruelling job was admirable:

    14. When SpongeBob stuck up for his friend Squidward:

    15. When SpongeBob shared the inner workings of his artistic process:

    16. When Patrick wanted to get a couple things clear:

    17. When Patrick broke the devastating news to SpongeBob:

    18. When living underwater had to abide the laws of science, occasionally:

    19. When the only place he could get served was Weenie Hut Jr:

    20. When he was well-versed in planetary law:

    21. When he discovered that everything is cooler if it happens at night:

    22. When SpongeBob clarified why Squidward was sitting there:

    23. When the pair had to be sly and speedy:

    24. When Patrick's anatomy was called into question:

    25. When SpongeBob's mind was intricately complex:

    26. When SpongeBob preached the truth about striped sweaters:

    27. And when Bikini Bottom was destroyed forever: