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    17 Of The Funniest Short Videos To Scroll Though When You're Bored

    Sometimes Vines aren't enough.

    1. Drunken teleportation:

    2. Britney Spears realising Ryan Seacrest isn't gay:

    3. A lesson in tolerance:

    4. Reverse backward running:

    5. Undercooked chicken:

    6. Honest friendship:

    7. Sneaky siblings:

    8. One-man Titanic:

    9. Overprotective children:

    10. Petty Peppa Pig:

    11. Naughty Batman:

    12. The giant cat:

    13. Manly products:

    14. Hyper puppy:

    15. Victoria Beckham at the DMV:

    16. Canine adventures:

    17. And this weird embodiment of 21st century struggles:

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