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We Need To Talk About Riz Ahmed

"This is what British looks like."

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8. And when he blessed us with one of the greatest memes of our time.

Instagram: @rizahmed

What a dork.


12. And he even contributed an essay to an award-winning book on being a person of colour in Britain.

On top of this, he finds the time to actively campaign for important causes, such as his work with helping in the Syria crisis.


15. Look at vintage Riz, who had no idea that all his Star Wars dreams would come true!

Instagram: @rizahmedc

16. He was so eager for his role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story he sent the director audition after audition until he got a reply.

NBC / Via

The reply said: "Listen, thank you so much for these auditions. Please stop sending me these auditions," but hey, he got the job.