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    Posted on Jan 10, 2017

    We Need To Talk About Riz Ahmed

    "This is what British looks like."

    1. Riz Ahmed is a national treasure and it's about time we realise it.

    2. He's a natural charmer.

    Rotten Tomatoes / Via

    *immediately copies her hairstyle*

    3. He frequently speaks out for diversity in Hollywood.

    4. And he's genuinely hilarious.

    WIRED / Via

    5. He recently graced our screens with an exceptional performance in The Night Of.


    6. And has given many wonderful performances, such as his chilling lead in The Reluctant Fundamentalist.


    7. Let's not forget the time he brought us this iconic airport selfie.

    8. And when he blessed us with one of the greatest memes of our time.

    9. Which could conveniently be turned into this, for when *cough* certain actors don't receive certain awards.

    10. He's a brilliant actor...

    Open Road Films

    From Nightcrawler to The Night Of, he nails whatever role he's given.

    11. He's a powerful rapper...

    His work is often personal and political, and he's also a member of the hip hop group Swet Shop Boys.

    12. And he even contributed an essay to an award-winning book on being a person of colour in Britain.

    13. So obviously he's smart and talented but you've got to admit, it helps that he's not so bad to look at.

    Like a walking, talking art piece, really.

    14. He's a self-declared Star Wars nerd.

    E! / Via

    Which makes it so much more exciting that he's now a part of the universe.

    15. Look at vintage Riz, who had no idea that all his Star Wars dreams would come true!

    16. He was so eager for his role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story he sent the director audition after audition until he got a reply.

    NBC / Via

    The reply said: "Listen, thank you so much for these auditions. Please stop sending me these auditions," but hey, he got the job.

    17. He's been killing it in indie movies for years, so Rogue One was a bit of a change for him.

    18. You can even own his action figure now!

    ABC /

    19. But his family are sure to keep him grounded despite his success.

    20. His Twitter is often a treasure.

    21. He cleans up mighty fine in a suit.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images
    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    Dapper AF.

    22. And whatever he does next, we're excited to follow along for the ride.

    And continue to see this beautiful face.

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