17 Things Literally Every Sitcom Does

    Stop recycling.

    1. "I ate my twin in the womb and that is why I am the superior being you see before you today."

    2. The character who used to be fat.

    3. Straight girls who for make out for a straight man's attention.

    4. "Oh no, they handcuffed us together!"

    5. "That door autolocks, you fool!"

    Like the handcuff but you get a little more physical distance. How will they leave without resolving their grievances?

    6. The sexist asshole who falls in love.

    7. The father who gets into all kinds of trouble babysitting his own kids.

    8. The crazy ex-girlfriend.

    9. The acceptable target.

    10. The ~ethnic~ friend who never quite assimilated.

    11. "In English, please?"

    12. The accidental proposal.

    13. The "bimbo".

    Never not funny, apparently.

    14. The best friend minister.

    15. The temporarily fired employee.

    16. The boring, unattractive man with the hot wife.

    Meanwhile the audience snickers at zingers like "You slept with a girl last night? She was fat though, right?" Sure, Jan.

    17. Meaningless catchphrases.