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17 Things Literally Every Sitcom Does

Stop recycling.

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1. "I ate my twin in the womb and that is why I am the superior being you see before you today."

2. The character who used to be fat.

20th Television

This is their only defining characteristic and a redeeming quality if they're a bit of an ass. You’ll probably see this person in a fat suit at some point.


3. Straight girls who for make out for a straight man's attention.

Warner Bros Television

Also see: the straight girl's one college "experiment" that happened only to fuel her future boyfriend's fantasies.

7. The father who gets into all kinds of trouble babysitting his own kids.

20th Television

This do-nothing but lovable dad is left to look after the kids and everything is as expected, a disaster. But don't fret, the mother will be back before you know it and all will be restored!


14. The best friend minister.

Warner Bros

"By the power vested in me by just 10 minutes ago…” is the perfect last-minute laugh for every sitcom wedding ever.


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