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    21 Products Every Witch Needs To Own

    We all need a little magic.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These witchy bath bombs.

    2. This "Sugar Witch" body scrub.


    Watch the magic exfoliate your skin. Get it here for £9.42.

    3. A witches brew ~brewed in hell~ mug.

    Kinky Angel

    Drink at your own risk. Get it here for £3.99.

    4. A Wizardry and Witchcraft eyeshadow palette.

    Combine potions, charms, and prophecy to create your spellbinding look. Get it here for £39.35.

    5. A Wicked Witch door stop.


    There's no place like your home for these ruby slippers. Get it here for £12.76.

    6. A pentagram rose enamel pin.


    Accentuates your wardrobe because you're always wearing black. Get it here for £9.42.

    7. These voodoo spell candles.

    8. A "resting witch face" T-shirt.


    So no one asks you why your face "looks like that"... and why you have on a pointy hat and a wand. Get it here for £11.20

    9. This symbols of witchcraft iPhone case.


    Finally an iPhone case to match all the magical spells in your Notes app. Get it here for £19.45.

    10. Wednesday Addams & Sabrina the Teenage Witch inspired lip balms.


    Perfect for waking the dead or totally magical kisses with mortals. Get them here for £3.99.

    11. These third eye amethyst crystals.

    12. This black cat soap.


    Wash away the bad luck with your very own Salem Saberhagen. Get it here for £6.28.

    13. These witchy doormats.

    Welcome guests to your lair with a touch of magic. Get them here for £21.59

    14. This ouija board tee.

    15. This "new beginnings" orb.


    Filled with a mix of dried flowers, herbs and barks known to encourage specific energies, this witches ball will allow you to flourish. Get it here for £17.00.

    16. These enchanted druzy velvet chokers.

    Choose between angel, amethyst, and celestial crystals. Get them here for £12.60

    17. A handmade "Tree of Life" leather journal.


    For angsty poetry, day to day journalling, or writing out ingredients to potions. here for £16.47.

    18. A "secret gathering" wall tapestry.


    Because birds are magical witches and the moon is their cauldron. Get it here for £24.98.

    19. These herbal and floral candles.

    Whether you want to soothe and release or embrace self love. Get them here for £9.08

    20. This enamel necklace.

    Punky Pins

    A simple but timeless way to put your witchiness out there. Get it here for £8.00.

    21. A pendulum board & necklace gift set.


    Perfect for those impromptu scrying moments. Get it here for £7.99.