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Make Some Infuriatingly Dumb Decisions In A Horror Movie And We'll Tell You If You Survived Or Not

Prepare to be really, truly, exasperatingly dumb.

First of all, which definitely haunted house do you move into?
Off to a great start! What's your favorite part of the house?
Sweet! Now... what slightly, but only ever so slightly, catches your attention?
Why do you shrug this off?
Ok, now you're legitimately worried. What happened?
Someone's chasing you. What should you do?
Ok, ok, you managed to get to your car but it's not working! What do you do?
pant pant You wake up and it was all a dream... thank God...
Ok, but one last thing. Just as you're about to leave, you hear a whispering voice call you back into the house.
Roll credits. But just as it's about to end happily ever after...
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