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    • hasnat2002

      I agree that it’s all about the money. It’s hard to refuse to buy into something as enticing as Apple products but I have done that thankfully up to now. Apple and all the big brands live on OUR patronage and sadly we forget that and they do screw us over because we let them. I feel very sorry for people who buy products only too see the same products be upgraded/discontinued/unsupported within a very very short space of time. Personally I don’t see much difference from a charge of ‘miss-selling’. So I guess the only way forward is not to let them get too big for their boots and not go running with our hard earned cash every time they fart out a money maker; the smell manifests at some point. It is hard to resist, I am sure, but we need to resist for a period of time whatever the product is. Customer service and after sales support and care should not be dismissed in favour of a well dressed corporation (well dressed because our money dressed them) selling snake oil.

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